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Jamie Lidell repetition.. yeah it’s good

It’s been posted about 6 times but the new Lidell is good. As Survey Sound pointed out, as I’m pointing out, as Music for Robots pointed up. click above and check it. I suppose bleep has it ready for preview


ok so it’s out now

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More impressions

More junk I picked up

Capsule — Phony Phonic
Clips here

The japanese don’t play instruments, they play culture as deftly as any sampledic hip-hop tune. When the final french strings of Capsule’s Phony Phonic play out it’s more about capturing that paticular stereotype of mid-level french bohemia than any attempt at virusoism it’s not about notes it’s about nostalgia. And it’s very beautiful. Capsule are a slightly less tongue and cheek j-pop group similar to u.s. ground breakers pizicato 5 both in music and in mod pop style (one guy sauve and one girl cool in a rather godard-ish posture). While their music strips the elaborate orchestration similar j-pop-ers have they keep the now standard japanese eclecticism to make for what is a pretty good album. Proving once and for all it ain’t the language your singing in it’s how many electro-bossa-nova numbers you can throw in with cheeky jazz clips and all those dum-dum-dummas.

e-40 — Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yeah it’s kinda dissapointing, still you got some decent tracks and Zoom ain’t bad.

Curtis Mayfield — Roots

Still love soul. Remarkably good comp from Rhino of Curtis Mayfield. Recommend. digging.

Block Party — Silent Alaram

For some reason thought this was an American band. Starts out strong with rock well worn, but that tattered style ain’t gonna keep very long. Bored by track 2.

LCD Soundsystem

You did it James Murphy… you did it. You actually made me beleive the hype around DFA. Love this… completely love this. James Murphy captures the stagger and insecurity of self-depreciation and it’s upswing of confidence and strange-ness in one place. Absolutely essential. I love the fact that for Murphy rock isn’t defined by the Beatles and the Stones but by Eno, Liquid Liquid, and others that never quite mentally got into the riff a lot game of cock-rock to lite-rock, but instead actually did what rock is supposed to, make buffons of themselves into iconoclasts. More honest than any rock record I’ve ever heard. Captures the reflex of tastemakers and snobs with out sounding like a better than thou type of thing.

Got more junk, don’t remember what.


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