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Wired’s a little conservative these days

I’ve noticed this in past issues of The Wire that when it comes to regulating technology companies Wired is generally against it (except when it comes to Microsoft). Here they openly criticize adding 911 to Broadband phones. I mean this is ridicilous. If I’m using a VOIP phone I need to be able to call 911. The arguement goes: “Internet phone providers are facing static over alleged public-safety failings, with federal regulators poised to unveil new rules that could drive up prices and crimp growth. “ I mean come on it’s fucking 911 for Christ Sakes, they need to call it. For their benefit though they do note that the problem with 911 and VOIP is connecting VOIP to the existing 911 network. Obviouisly these broadband dudes need to get VOIP into 911’s centers and figure out a way to route the call to the right area. The later is the hardest part i.e. pinpoiting a VOIP user’s location but if the RIAA can track p2p downloaders by IP why can’t 911? Additionally, “VOIP providers insist they are not against providing 911 support, but they have balked at requirements that might increase their costs and give rival Bell operating companies a choke point to slow or prevent their entry into the market.” but then we have, “I support any initiative that may save lives and keep human beings safe,” Tehrani said. “On the other hand, I am concerned that regulation may make it difficult to provide inexpensive VOIP service.” I mean this is about as moral as say… I don’t know Artic Drilling? My point being the article is written with a clear, and fairly rare really, understanding of the business problems behind complying with regulations (basically VOIP can’t reach 911 unless they pay up to local telephone monopolies) but here is a really amazing chance to implement broadband phones in a public service center, drive the cost of operations down, and make everyone happy. As much as I like technology and also p2p telephones (Two australian construction workers here recently bought head sets to call home) there’s things you just have to do. Put 911 on the phones and hell maybe you can even score a few deals implementing 311 VOIP in a few cities too.


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