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Yogurting obviously

I kinda feel bad making a 360 change to this blog, but I’m not terribly near any good music these days and most of Korea’s pop music (that I hear) is just re-hashes of American music or Yogurting which is probably the most Korean thing possible right now. It’s A. a #1 pop song in Korea by some famous singer B. also a MMORPG C. involves what seems to be a multi-billion dollar advertising campaign including buying approx. 1:30 seconds of straight ad time to beat that good ol’ American tradition of

Yogurters meeting up
buying up several consecutive radio ads by featuring an entire video in prime time and frankly looks like a lot of fun.

Plush, sexualized, school girls with swords
It of course features fetishistically young and spritely school girls fighting with swords and doesn’t seem to actually be popular anywhere. I haven’t meet or taught a student yet who mentioned it as a favorite game but good ol’ Kart Rider can’t seem to be stopped

The almighty Kart Rider the almighty but rarely seen legit kart rider cd (you can buy an account online)
Kart Rider is like beyond #1 in Korea. Everyone plays it, I mean old ladies, young men, new borns, construction workers, business men, it’s practically the universal exchange in entertainment. MOC Game and MTV both have shows built around it with young celeberties exchanging races and words or teams of pro-league players pouncing each other on pcs. It’s kinda like Mario Kart but cuter and perhaps more fully featured. I might add that Mario Kart for the Gamecube is available as a pc game here. But all of this might just be Seosan. Ads for Guild Wars run every 3 seconds here and I haven’t meet one person actually playing it yet… actually except me. I gave into the hype and bought an account the other day
Some German dude in Guild Wars
I’m not terribly impressed with these MMPRGs. My younger brother fanatically played everquest and city of heroes, but I’m just not feeeling guild wars. It might be that I’m still in the training area trying to level up for some worm battle but I prefer games with some finesse ya know like Kart Rider (which I’ve still never played). Guild Wars seems to consit of clicking around a lush virtual world primarily given over to lush well endowed female warriors that ask questions like, “hey does anyone want any worm husks?” Can I get these ebay? Can I start trading my seemingly worthless items for some of that 50 dollars back? The cost of entry ain’t to bad. I mean 50 bucks for a permanent account on a virtual chat/ peep show ain’t bad but I’m not expecting much out of this thing till I figure out how to get skills and such. Anyway, my coin is running here at this internet bar. If your in Seosan I’m dj’n semi-regularly at 501 with some other dudes.


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