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Hefner back… kinda

years ago a friend of mine told me Darren Hayman was releasing a solo album on Matador. Apparently, she was wrong… or maybe it’s just not out yet… or maybe it came out and I have no idea becuase I don’t care about Matador. Anyway, the goodly Disco Death posts new news from Henfer hq aka Darren Haymen. Even includes links to outro tracks from his new solo projects. Worth a look. the jamie lidell is still better, but if once upon a time this was your thing then well new music is finally on the way. England is doing well these days ya know?


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Possibly fake indie station?

To further add to the weirdness that is the u.s. Stayfree Magazine reports about a new radio “indie” station in Akron that’s domain name was set up by clear channel. To further add to the fun, the station is resolutely anti-corporate and all that. Some of the qoutes are really fun:

The following is a list of radio stations in Northeast Ohio that should be forced to turn off their transmitters and turn their licenses over to the Federal Communications Commission.

WHLO (640 – AM) obviously operated by communist, WHLO consists of nothing more than right wing rhetoric dispensed at toxic levels. WHLO features overbearing personalities that have little or no knowledge of actual facts. They allow their lack of knowledge to never get in the way of pushing W’s plan and opinions upon us like a dealer addicted to his own crack. WHLO airs Quinn and Rose in the morning followed by a show that is so bad it was dropped by a Cleveland station, Glenn Beck. Speaking of those addicted to drugs, Rush Limbaugh follows beck and is the lead in to the Right’s political poster boy Sean Hannity. After Hannity on WHLO, is the gay bashing Michael Savage, then the Laura Ingram Show.
Where are our Barf bags?

yeah that sounds real.

and my favorite:

WZIP (88.1 – FM) WZIP is operated by the students at The University of Akron. To promote diversity, the station dropped its ethnic programming several years ago in favor of Hip-Hop Music. Genius.

yeah college stations are like that. I mean clear channel’s list of 100 or so songs per station sounds pretty diverse compared to some indie stations, but I mean come on college radio is volunteer. is it there fault if they lose their ethnic music dude? Do you know how hard it is to get an ethnic music director? dude it’s hard… trust me.



p.s. I thought liberals were all socialist and near commies these days anyway.

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Nao Wave from Silence is a Rhythm too

yeah brazilian brazilian brazilian. Anyway, Silence is a Rhytm Too has posted some mp3s from various no-wave-ee Sao Paolo groups. Records like this are a dime a dozen in this modern age, but the tracks ain’t bad and hey now you can befuddle all your friends with your massive Brazilian 80s rock knowledge. Might add I ran into some Sao Paolo/ Tokyo-ites in Tenjin the other day. Brazilian-Japanese it’s the beauty of the future.


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More Lidell Clips oh yeah and if you wanna work in Korea…

Yeah, I’m buying this one. More clips from Lidell. The 3 song single unfortunately kinda takes him back to that Jon Spencer like growl that’s
more pretesion than soul, but still the man can make a track. Makes me wonder
what the new Cristian Vogel is gonna sound like. These dudes love them some grits and gospel. More clips here

oh yeah the company I’m working for is looking for one more teacher:

Hi Folks,

We’re looking for 1 more English teacher for a small English institute
here in Seosan, South Korea.


B.A. from a College or University
Valid Passport (we’re looking to hire immediately)
Willingness to travel and have some fun
Must be at least 20 years of age

Seosan is a small but growing town approximately 2 hours
south of Seoul (bus to Seoul is like 6 bucks). Town consists of over
150,000 people, all the bars you can take open sans curfew, and is a
surprisingly nice urban town in the middle of one of Korea’s major
rural areas.
The pay is 1.9 million wong per month which is currently about 2,000 USD
but frankly at the rate the dollar is devaluing it’ll probably be
worth more by the time you get back home (when I arrived it was 1300
wong per dollar now 950 wong per dollar). Oh yeah 1 year contract,
accommodations provided, and we will also drive you around and stuff.
30 hour work week. As an additional bonus you get a free cell phone (a
200 dollar value). Seosan is in the Choong-nam Province and includes
such tourist-ee things as Haemi castle and the yearly migration of
tourists to see the cherry blossoms fall and it’s like 30 minutes from
a bunch of beaches that Lonely Planet loves for some reason. Flash
filled tourist site about Seosan here:


cut and paste resume, include a link to a picture if you can send to
aljones15 @
Jae-Hyun says to mention the director and the boss will be nice guy =)

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Jamie Lidell repetition.. yeah it’s good

It’s been posted about 6 times but the new Lidell is good. As Survey Sound pointed out, as I’m pointing out, as Music for Robots pointed up. click above and check it. I suppose bleep has it ready for preview


ok so it’s out now

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More impressions

More junk I picked up

Capsule — Phony Phonic
Clips here

The japanese don’t play instruments, they play culture as deftly as any sampledic hip-hop tune. When the final french strings of Capsule’s Phony Phonic play out it’s more about capturing that paticular stereotype of mid-level french bohemia than any attempt at virusoism it’s not about notes it’s about nostalgia. And it’s very beautiful. Capsule are a slightly less tongue and cheek j-pop group similar to u.s. ground breakers pizicato 5 both in music and in mod pop style (one guy sauve and one girl cool in a rather godard-ish posture). While their music strips the elaborate orchestration similar j-pop-ers have they keep the now standard japanese eclecticism to make for what is a pretty good album. Proving once and for all it ain’t the language your singing in it’s how many electro-bossa-nova numbers you can throw in with cheeky jazz clips and all those dum-dum-dummas.

e-40 — Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yeah it’s kinda dissapointing, still you got some decent tracks and Zoom ain’t bad.

Curtis Mayfield — Roots

Still love soul. Remarkably good comp from Rhino of Curtis Mayfield. Recommend. digging.

Block Party — Silent Alaram

For some reason thought this was an American band. Starts out strong with rock well worn, but that tattered style ain’t gonna keep very long. Bored by track 2.

LCD Soundsystem

You did it James Murphy… you did it. You actually made me beleive the hype around DFA. Love this… completely love this. James Murphy captures the stagger and insecurity of self-depreciation and it’s upswing of confidence and strange-ness in one place. Absolutely essential. I love the fact that for Murphy rock isn’t defined by the Beatles and the Stones but by Eno, Liquid Liquid, and others that never quite mentally got into the riff a lot game of cock-rock to lite-rock, but instead actually did what rock is supposed to, make buffons of themselves into iconoclasts. More honest than any rock record I’ve ever heard. Captures the reflex of tastemakers and snobs with out sounding like a better than thou type of thing.

Got more junk, don’t remember what.


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Review: Jane — Berserker (paw tracks)

Picked this up in Fukouka on Saturday contains Panda Bear from animal collective making dance music with a friend in new york. essentially (and I’m all about generalization) it’s lush aquatic-ee house music similar to Thomas Felmann only with the minimal ambience of Robert Henke at it’s base. Of course nothing bearing the animal collective stamp goes with out some blissed folk-ee shit on top, a few references to the dead’s most out there moments (the cd case includes numerous dead images like the skull face etc), and maybe a little chanting. Jane is a surprisingly subdued project which really wouldn’t sound that out of a place at times as maybe an old Drexeyia 12″ or something. All that aside at other moments it just becomes a peacefull straight out ambient album sans any beat. It doesn’t really shine or gather momentum into a record that you would stuff into other people’s hands as a hallmark of genuis, just slow shit that sounds pretty good and obviouslly is more on the dance floor side of things than the usual Vashti Bunyan loving collective we know now. Essentially it’s the ORB with a little early flaming lips croons around it.


buy it if you want

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failure notice i.e. thanks asshole

I’d like to thank the asshole who used my blogger e-mail update address to send out their pro-aaryan spam mails. that’s a fucking great way to get your message across.


Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I’m afraid I wasn’t able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I’ve given up. Sorry it didn’t work out.

user is over quota

— Below this line is a copy of the message.

Return-Path: <>
Received: (qmail 20548 invoked by uid 503); 22 May 2005 22:03:09 -0000
Received: (qmail 931 invoked from network); 22 May 2005 22:03:08 -0000
Received: from unknown (HELO (
by with SMTP; 22 May 2005 22:03:08 -0000
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 21:34:59 GMT
Subject: Graeberschaendung auf bundesdeutsche Anordnung
Importance: Normal
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
MIME-Version: 1.0
Message-ID: <>
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”us-ascii”

Lese selbst:

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New Music (for a change) from Audio Dregs and Paper Rad Does Beck

yeah paper rad the dudes who made the website you should have made when your twelve but were to busy playing emulators to do have done a video for a Beck remix. It’s pretty good and includes ADR main man e*rock as a director. When I think about, nothing I have ever blogged before shames me as much as that pitchfork-esque MTV news-like spot I just put up but fuck it, I’m tired and just returned from Japan (and yes even more music junk soon… i.e. tomorrow-ish if I’m not busy returning messages from students and shit). Anyway, Beck video is good but the winner so far is the new Torisu Koshiro. Lightly melodic type of shit similar to releases on Takamura’s Childdisc label. From the ADR newsletter:

Lots of new videos to show you! One for Melodium from his Audio Dregs
release by one of our favorite Japanese animators, a video from the final
single on Ratatat’s debut album, and a Beck video made for a remix from his
latest single.

“Felt Melt” by Melodium
Directed By Torisu Koshiro

“Cherry” by Ratatat
Directed by E*Rock

“Gameboy Homeboy” by Beck
Directed by E*Rock and Paper Rad

opening image curosey of Eric aka e*rock’s Light and Sound

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Wired’s a little conservative these days

I’ve noticed this in past issues of The Wire that when it comes to regulating technology companies Wired is generally against it (except when it comes to Microsoft). Here they openly criticize adding 911 to Broadband phones. I mean this is ridicilous. If I’m using a VOIP phone I need to be able to call 911. The arguement goes: “Internet phone providers are facing static over alleged public-safety failings, with federal regulators poised to unveil new rules that could drive up prices and crimp growth. “ I mean come on it’s fucking 911 for Christ Sakes, they need to call it. For their benefit though they do note that the problem with 911 and VOIP is connecting VOIP to the existing 911 network. Obviouisly these broadband dudes need to get VOIP into 911’s centers and figure out a way to route the call to the right area. The later is the hardest part i.e. pinpoiting a VOIP user’s location but if the RIAA can track p2p downloaders by IP why can’t 911? Additionally, “VOIP providers insist they are not against providing 911 support, but they have balked at requirements that might increase their costs and give rival Bell operating companies a choke point to slow or prevent their entry into the market.” but then we have, “I support any initiative that may save lives and keep human beings safe,” Tehrani said. “On the other hand, I am concerned that regulation may make it difficult to provide inexpensive VOIP service.” I mean this is about as moral as say… I don’t know Artic Drilling? My point being the article is written with a clear, and fairly rare really, understanding of the business problems behind complying with regulations (basically VOIP can’t reach 911 unless they pay up to local telephone monopolies) but here is a really amazing chance to implement broadband phones in a public service center, drive the cost of operations down, and make everyone happy. As much as I like technology and also p2p telephones (Two australian construction workers here recently bought head sets to call home) there’s things you just have to do. Put 911 on the phones and hell maybe you can even score a few deals implementing 311 VOIP in a few cities too.


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