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in korea

hey folks,

for those few that still read this thing I’m in Seosan, Korea.
a lot of fun. really cool place. had a birthday party today.


April 27, 2005 at 5:54 pm 3 comments

itunes turn down pics

While I’ve calmed down my original rant here’s some pics

This is some interscope europe rap group. They show up in us itunes but aren’t purchasable. One thing I have noticed though is that American labels seem to be available everywhere, but European labels are confined to just their country:

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Why iTunes sucks ass

Ok this is pissing me off. There’s a new Brigitte Fontaine single up on itunes france. But when I click to buy it it tells me my account can ONLY buy stuff in the u.s. Ok Apple first you restrict the number of times I can burn a file, NOW I CAN’T BUY IMPORTS? WTF? I remember when Kekeland came out and I ran to Virgin’s Megastore in Orlando to buy it and they told me they didn’t have it, then weeks later it showed up in abudance. I thought the point of internet music exchange was to ALLOW us a greater freedom in buying stuff, not to restrict us to the bull shit our country produces. When I heard about itunes I was hoping I could buy shit loads of japanese re-issues and french singles and stuff, instead it’s more restrictive than your average indie store. This is ridicilous. If I click on the flag in itunes I can cruise through other country’s music BUT I CAN’T FUCKING BUY IT? Fuck this, I mean seriously. I will never buy an Apple product again, this is complete bullshit. Please let me buy the music I want, I don’t want some virtual rules strangling away the freedoms the internet is supposed to enjoy. I mean my only option to get this song now is to download it from p2p (it’s not available in the u.s.) BTW I just searched the itunes U.S. store and they don’t even have Brigitte Fontaine in stock.

April 13, 2005 at 10:04 pm 1 comment

Ae webcast suprisingly really good

centering on old school hip-hop at the moment, channel changing, smashing up glitch and eighties, some improv, all in all a rather good mix
right now some bollywood soundtrack being messed with.

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it’s amazing the things nasa releases to the world

hey it even includes a Paul McCarthy reference.

Andrew Jones
912 Euclid Ave.
Birmingham, AL, 35213 U.S.A.
cell: 407-927-7607 || skype: aljones15
blog: —- aim: liminal18

April 9, 2005 at 9:57 pm 1 comment

The Videos of Jason McFarlane

Soft Citizen with a pinache for final cutting in childish squiggles into pretty good songs. Check out the Bus Driver and Fenin videos, even manages to make Mocky funny. Link here Note Busdriver’s rip of Can’s “Turtles have short legs”

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Sleep Patterns

Has anyone else noticed their sleep patterns change along with the internet? when I had a dial up connection I had no problem sleeping but this cable modem is keeping me up all night. Television changed our accents (Americans ironically speak in a scandanavian accent) it seems possible the internet is making us into 36 hour day-ers (I’m at 48 for the second time in 2 weeks).

post comments below.
interested to know what age too,
I mean us youngins are known for our endurance
in denying REM.


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Smithsonian Folkways MP3 Shop

boing boing posted this earlier.
Smithsonian Folkways is selling their collections
of music as mp3s on their website. Plus it’s organized
by location and not artist name etc.

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Dub Taylor presents pulselaser ep

got the new Dub Taylor yesterday. Suitably impressed. Obviously becuase he has dub in his name he’s A. German and B. minimal but Taylor tracks have a little acid flash to them and mutated bodies of noise in akufen like ironic pose.
Check side B > highgrade-records > release 23
buy it

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Former no-neck-er turned kinda pop otomo yoshide influenced improv with
a firm grounding in To Live and Shave. Le mp3s and other here:

pick up some shit from Excepter

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