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Marcos Valle S/T 1970

Thanks to Sabadabada or however you spell it, Marcos Valle LPs are making their way online. Two tracks from a Self-Titled 70s release. Totally insane production

Quarentao Simpatico

Can’t help but feel that Valle was either a paralell developer with Joe Gibb’s dub (both used everyday sound effects like doorbell, buckets crashing etc.) and were putting out records about 2 years apart. Need to put that shit up someday. Bossa Nova in line with Martin Denny’s values.

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Le Sport

I need to stop blogging I mean like 6 posts a day I’m ruling right now. Anyway, from the bands of Straousborg includes Le Sport. What to say? Primitivim, mod-ness, irony, ukeles, everything youd expect from a band called Le Sport. I don’t know I’m out of ideas, have a kinda freak-beat pysch re-issue feel. I like ‘m. Check:

We Are Le Sport

Satan is Real
Let’s Pretend We Get Married
and yeah a Madonna cover: Like A Prayer more mp3s at their site.

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Prince Nico Mbarga – Sweet Mother

Buked and Scorned mentioned this song so I looked it up. Prince Nico Mbarga’s Sweet Mother was voted the anthem of Africa by a BBC pole. Turns out Nigera has it online
Classic of Afro-Beat. Reminds me needs to drag out that old Antilles Afro-rock comp I have an get that shit online.

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QUASIMODO JONES or Berlin’s new American Rock Star+ Soul Jazz Mps

Gotta give it up for Shitkatapult who can’t go 4 releases with out being Berlin’s most ironic label. Quasimodo Jones is a new T. Raumschmeire project that basically is ZZ Top doing electro with Kid Rock’s publicist behind it all. Just check the faq:

But who really is Quasimodo Jones? Jones is an orphan from Wisconsin and
also a tramp who cites the riddim of train-wheels as an early musical
influence. He learned to drink, throw down, and accept Elvis as King from
his stepfather. His mother taught him to scream since that’s how he came
out into the world thanks to her alcohol and heroin abuse. Even though he
never handled it well, Jones was allowed to stay at home since school was
regarded as something for rich snobs by his caretakers. His first
experience on stage was at the tender age of 8 with the Oak Ridge Boys. His
second performance was with a stolen guitar from the neighboring kid where
he sang Elvis songs and ended up in juvi. This is where he first discovered
smoking up along with other drugs. He is most proud of having hit his
stepfather in the face with a baseball bat, knocking all of his teeth out as
he fell from a tree onto the ground. His favorite show is Alf.

Seeing as how I’m all conceptual and shit these days, what does this say about the rock ‘n roll dream now? has it only become a dream of total immolation?


Recently ran into some blogs putting out soul jazz stuff.
flux Blog has the latest from
Soul Jazz’s Soul Gospel album
and this young guy tofu haus?
has that old art ensemble of chicago re-issue.

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