Gary Bartz – Harlem Bush Music — Taifa

March 23, 2005 at 8:39 pm Leave a comment

This is what I love about re-issues. The original Gary Bartz and NTU Troop features Bartz prophetically clothed in winter jacket and knitted cap gesticulating across a new york street corner, the re-issue though kinda pitches him as Lenny Kravitz’s dad or something (which for all I know he might be):
Regardless I found this gem awhile back at Renaissance Records in Birmingham and finally have a cable modem and semi-working turntable I’ve taken the first track and digitized it just in time for the cd re-issue to hit (click the pic for all about jazz’s review). Bartz’s secret weapon is one Andy Bey (who just made a comeback) who’s gentle voice gives the lyrical weighted and probably Islamic refrain of “never going to be a revolution while your drinking wine,” a studied intelligence that makes the whole track swing. Part folk song, part free-jazz, and this is just the first track Harlem Bush Music is Bartz’ finest moment (that I know of). Where he has managed to push afro-revolution into an American musical form that has exceeded the test of time.

Drinking Song

on another note I need to pick up the first in Bartz’s series:

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