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Alter Ego – Rocker + Apparat – Komponent

Am I behind the times? Hell yeah, but the track still rocks.
Last years European rave lord in Mp3:


Blackstrobe mix

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When I was in Austin a friend of mine mentioned that Apparat’s new record was his favorite thing right now. Scant days later my friend Andrew in Detroit called and said the new Apparat sucks ass as does this guy. Word from the horses’ mouth is Apparat has gone rock. Obviously with a Telefon Tel Aviv mix in the cards to seal the deal. Luckily though Apparat has saved himself from the almost excessively awful passivity of TTA’s boy band vocal barrage, he’s given his new sound a kinda postal service with cure inspired vocals but it somehow maintains a melo-drama reminiscent of alterna-rock’s sensitive side. But it works. Enjoying this even though yeah it’s been done before. Download Komponent Watch the video Pick up the album

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Gary Bartz – Harlem Bush Music — Taifa

This is what I love about re-issues. The original Gary Bartz and NTU Troop features Bartz prophetically clothed in winter jacket and knitted cap gesticulating across a new york street corner, the re-issue though kinda pitches him as Lenny Kravitz’s dad or something (which for all I know he might be):
Regardless I found this gem awhile back at Renaissance Records in Birmingham and finally have a cable modem and semi-working turntable I’ve taken the first track and digitized it just in time for the cd re-issue to hit (click the pic for all about jazz’s review). Bartz’s secret weapon is one Andy Bey (who just made a comeback) who’s gentle voice gives the lyrical weighted and probably Islamic refrain of “never going to be a revolution while your drinking wine,” a studied intelligence that makes the whole track swing. Part folk song, part free-jazz, and this is just the first track Harlem Bush Music is Bartz’ finest moment (that I know of). Where he has managed to push afro-revolution into an American musical form that has exceeded the test of time.

Drinking Song

on another note I need to pick up the first in Bartz’s series:

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Banksy Hits New York

So I’m right in the middle of this game of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (getting the platinum crests) when it occurs to me I might see something of meaning in Banksy’s art. All the obvious art school pranks aside, what Banksy does means more now then it did when say dada-ists or situationists took to hanging their stuff on galleries walls.

First he’s doing all of this semi-publicably. He’s got a website. He’s almost reachable
in the way a friend you meet on aim is, you know he (or a she that likes
fake beards) exists, but their still kinda out there in the domain of your imagination. Recently I’ve been piecing together a body of a girl named Ana via MSN chat and a digital camera, unfortunately not having a camera, her requests for my pictures haven’t quite been met yet. We’ve talked on Skype, we talk on aim, and obviously ya know there’s something there, do we know who each other are? We’d like to think we do. And in a less dating-esque way that’s how you know Banksy aka Stephen Lazarides according to his domain whois it’s not so much his pictures that comprise the piece as much as it is this self that we experience as part of the piece.

do we need another u.s. protest picture? actually yes, in fact we need u.s. protest pictures everywhere and anywhere flooding our sub-conscious with devilish republicans as insidious as Reagen-era drug propoganda, but what’s more important is that here we have a guy who’s sculpting a mythos in html and spray paint and these structures of digital and 19th century display are permeated by a creation unique in our times. We spar with more AIM phantoms than pre-digital pen pals

Banksy isn’t just a web site owner and painter he’s also a phantom limb, hanging just off the peripherary of your buddy list, and even better we don’t accept him as real but as a fold in a British graffitti’s artist’s mind. We know, from his tongue and cheek proceedings, that he’s saying this isn’t me, but it’s someone you might want to know.

Woops forgot to mention all photos from the excellent Wooster Collective

Further correcitons Banksy’s real name is Robert Banks thanks to Nervous Acid

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