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MDC’s Nikkan series some guy explains how to p2p using google

first no idea who this guy is, but some dude in japan is home recording some kinda odd noise-collages. Worth a look. First one is slightly reminiscent of Stockhausen or AMM but that’s kinda a stretch. Check here for Nikkan 11 and then he recorded himself playing some kinda Thurston-ish meets Derek Bailey-ish meets I don’t know Noel Ackhote or something? guitar here oh wait this shit is a whole series. dude check out nikkan 9. he’s getting better the earlier you go . Not as impressed with this one reminds of Zammuto’s B i.e. pre-books Zammuto woo this one is cool more discordance Piano and Japanese vocodes more ambient guitar THIS ONE CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD. it’s very GROUND ZERO-ISH and the first one might be my favorite

MDC’s blog here

oh yeah and this dude explains how to find mp3 stashes on google

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cool hand bak

some people interview and profile bloggers. I just plug them randomly.
anyway, cool hand bak caught my eye today with some thirsty ear shit and discovered some new old pysch too from his blog. Link here Very nicely designed blog, recommend the Craig Taborn mp3 and whatever garage rock re-issue this is . Whatta know another blog I can read. Reminds me, why doesn’t blogger just list the rss feed by default? so many people to keep track of.


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Francois Junod

Yeah it’s from Willian Gibson’s blog also was blogged here too. I beleive Francois is Swedish and makes automated art installations using only the basic principles of clock making (remember in the medevial times folks make clockwork lions and automatons for the royalties amusement). The figures are strangely un-detached looking very life like and often times fullfilled.

It’s strange how anachrostic these figures are, I mean a modern day android would have Toyota or something stamped on it and figure out how to do your dishes faster or something. It’s funny how we plaster smiles on robotics, kinda like the french doctors that dressed in black and were burned or something (can’t find any link on the net about this, I remember a history professor or a movie on the history of medecine telling this story). Hence Doctors wear white for various reasons and schools are coated in the most drab of colors to keep kid’s enthuasism down. Similarly our automatons are engineered in clinical drab, forced smile, keeping their chins up, as if hurt had never been invented at all. And for them, at least, it hasn’t been.

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