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More Capitalism of’s Affilaite Program

Yes Folks,

I am that evil. Just found a decent affailate program for music bloggers. Apparently offers a 5% commission for referals to albums. I.E. if you post mp3s of a decent album and someone buys it through your link then you get 5% of the album sale which might be worth something if it’s a really old lp. The sign up is here

testing out the direct link thing with Seigen Ono

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Getting Better Adsense Ads

Since starting this entire google adsense program a few days ago I’ve noticed a big problems with my ads. 90% of the ads are for blogging services. Which is nice, but I mean this is a music blog not a blog about blogging and RSS. Hence I’ve spent most of today trying to figure out how to get adsense to place an ad relevant to my actual post. Unfortunately adsense doesn’t support meta or alt tags which sucks cuz I mean google could easily have adsense read a meta-tag that tells adsense to just display an ad relevant to the latest post. For instance:


and then you could have a tag that tells adsense to not display ads that relate to certian keywords


Regardless if you log into ad sense and add the list below of blogging websites to your Competitive Ad Filter you can actually cut down on the number of tech-ads and get some ads actually relevant to your site. It’s not perfect but it does lower the number of blog ads by like 30 – 50 %. List is below.

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2 new Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Trailers

Why do I continue to post movie trailers? I don’t know. There free and kinda fun. Anyway, I think it’s Owen Wilson in Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. 2 new trailers containing footage this time around and a release date. Check trailer 3 for a nice little monty python-esque montage of the film.

Trailer 3

Trailer 2

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