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Headache – Gansta (edit1)

Yeah obvioisly Headache is either A. a hardcore band or B. a breakcore track. Regardless this came off the gabber list today and is actually pretty good. Totally tongue in cheek breakcore that takes a moment to play up western soundtracks. Ahh unemployment… now I have the time to listen to listen to shit like this:

Track here

and let’s see keywords: Venetian Snares, Doormouse, Irony, breakcore.

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Amon Tobin Mix of Tom Ze (from David F)

Saw this on David Fennech’s blog which I’ve linked to to many times to count. Tom Ze, one of tropicalia’s surprinslgy un-ex-communicated sons, was remixed in what 1997? 1998? something like that on Luaka Bop. Anyway, Luaka Bop has the amon tobin mix from that album online
Luaka Bop also includes a remix of David Byrne here. Which apparently a is powerpuff girls song.
Also a tech-house mix of Zap Mama Caution House-ee
and I have no idea what this is but it’s spanish and kinda hip-hop-ee
and Luaka Bop wouldn’t be complete with out a Shuggie Otis remix Name the remixer and I’ll probably not care =)

You can buy the Amon Tobin mix along with a bunch of ones here

p.s. music from Gary Bartz tomorrow.

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Liza’s new blog

The occasionally controversial Ms. Liza Luciano has a new blog up
for all her stuff… ya know I don’t music or something. Anyway,
further proving just how far my design skills have fallen her take
on the blogger template totally kick’s mine’s ass:

Liza’s new blog

now compare this to my website

also my turntable is finally working again so new music from
my vinyl coming soon.

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Star Wars Ep 3 Trailer out

I had a friend who’d never seen Star Wars. I was all for it, the world needs one or two folks with out any knowledge of America’s prime merchandising machines. I mean who knows, maybe Mark Hamill will run on the National Alliance ticket and bring apartheid to America or something, and who can resist Luke’s charms? Anyway, her boyfriend made her watch the Star Wars films back to back hopefully while they had sex and she wasn’t paying attention, but she didn’t seem to get it afterwards. “why are people so obsessed with these movies,” she said. For my benefit I’ve seen Return of the Jedi like 100 times on USA over 25 years of existence, but the pre-equals with their digital effects and shody acting haven’t exactly grabbed me like the originals. Maybe I’m becoming less American? Nah… anyway trailer for episodue 3 looks good:

Trailer here

While I’m at it, I’ve put large obnoxious google ads on my blog now. click them repetively and pay my rent, I’m unemployed now.

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Sam Prekop Who’s Your New Professor

Despite signs to the contrary that I hate Chicago and all the music in it, I actually do enjoy some of Chi-town’s musical product. Case in point, Sam “the cocktials? or was it shrimp boat?” Prekop. Tortoise member occasionally, generally involved with Chicago’s flatter than flat sound, makes surprisingly well rounded pop. These mp3s come from Bars and Guitars and are from Prekop’s latest Who’s Your New Professor. Few musicians could survive as long as Prekop on such minimally flavored songs, but it’s his originality that continues to make them shine. First new album on thrill jockey since 1998, but is it me or is Sam’s solo stuff better than the Sea and Cake?



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