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Heiko Voss – Call Me Killer- kompakt’s new pop

Proving that minimal techno doesn’t necessarily have to rule Cologne’s world Heiko Voss of the Firm imprint makes kinda eighties influenced pop churned with some house but primarily a kinda southern soul and electro-funk you’d expect from Beck. The Kompakt cataloque hit’s it about right:

Clips at

p.s. anyone else getting errors from blogger ever post?

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Caural – mp3s

Chicago based and Chocolate Industries main man Caural has some mp3s up here.


Lime Green Transfer


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Nathan Fake

this one should have been posted awhile back. Traum’s new bad boy is one Nathan Fake who makes I guess ambient techno with a slightly cologne feel to it. Imagine early Black Dog 12″s twisted and mutilated by tech-ee bleeps and drops. MP3s and such
at his website

Long Sunny


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Blog Roll: Streets of lhasa + All Saved Freak Band

my computer randomly flips between windows some times. Is it a vrius? or just really flacky ram? Who knows, but these 2 hit me enough to be worth posting. Rummage Through The Crevices has an mp3 from the latest Sublime Frequencies release Is it just me or is world music making it on the college circuit these days? I see Frequences tracking everywhere and Alan Bishop has a nice show in SF pretty soon:

For those of you in the area, I hope you can make this special event.


NIGER: Magic and Ecstasy in the Sahel

(50 minutes/Color Video)

Sublime Frequencies Archives #3

(40 minutes/Color Video)

Question and Answer with Hisham Mayet/Alan Bishop following the films.

Program Description:

A non-narrated assault on the senses in the patented Sublime
Frequencies ethno-collage style.

Tuareg Electric Guitar trance rock, Bori cult dance ceremonies, Fulani
Folk, and Roadhouse Gospel Rave-ups are some of the segments included
in this celebration of life in the Sahel region of Africa.

Filmed by Hisham Mayet in December of 2004 on location in NIGER.
Opening this 2 hour program will be an exclusive glimpse into various
mysteries captured in Southeast Asia by Sublime Frequencies Collective.

SATURDAY and SUNDAY!!!!! (2 Special Events)

Saturday April 2nd

HEMLOCK TAVERN (1131 Polk Street/San Francisco)

10 PM $8 cover and they have a SMOKING ROOM!

Master Musicians of Bukkake (from Seattle)

Sequel 4000 (Comedy Sketch group)

Pusser’s Phinn (Southeast Asian Molam and beyond)

A Film By Alvarius B. “Jazz Classics”(Javanese Puppets GO Avant
Jazz!!!!) 30 minutes

Sunday April 3rd

An Evening with Sublime Frequencies

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

701 Mission Street SF CA 94103


Niger: Magic and Ecstasy in the Sahel

(the PREMIER of this upcoming DVD in abbreviated form/ 55 minutes)

Sublime Frequencies Archives #3

(film collage from SE Asia/ 35 minutes)

2 SHOWS: 5:00 & 8:00 pm • Screening Room
$10 regular $9 YBCA Members, seniors & students

Hisham Mayet/Alan Bishop in person for Q & A.


Speaking of Taureg rock these seem to be the dudes breaking out of it.

Via Tofu Hut found these guys The All Saved Freak Band. Christian rock for those on communes.

BTW locally saw Davey Williams and La Donna Smith play the other night. The two are still in nice form and La Donna’s kept the The Improvisor going online.

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Un-Amazed –> Africa: Love is a Real Thing + Danny Elfman

First, Luaka Bop’s new comp has been out for awhile now. There’s so many of these African comps I was really hoping Luaka’s take would be excellent but it pars not to Antille’s 1984 comp of African-rock or really any of numerous comps. And for that matter why do all of Luaka Bop’s comp rely on the concept of american musical forms are adapted by foriengs? Brazilian-rock, African-pysch, Zap-Mama, etc? There has to be a new musical form invented by another country were over looking (count for u.s.: rap, techno, blues, jazz, country, soul, funk, & rock) for jamica dub, reggae, dancehall middle east: lot’s of stuff, africa: high-life, but with the exeption of Jamacia’s exports (expediated through the u.s. by enterprising jamacins in new york) most of these musical forms never really hit the u.s. I’d kill for a good comp of something I wasn’t expecting. The video though is great.

Oh yeah and just for a day has an interesting mini-bio of Danny Elfman surprisingly his first solo album has a few Calling out of context like moments.

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Ana’s First Wire Article

Brazilian indie zealot Ana Garcia has her fist article in The Wire.

Ana of course runs Brazil’s Coquetel Molotov a magazine for new music and also a festival in Recife, Brazil.


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And the Academic Bill of Rights is old…

2 years ago the American Association of University Professors (who are qouted in the Academic Bill of Rights) spoke out against it:

“The past year has witnessed repeated efforts to establish what has been called an “Academic Bill of Rights.” Based upon data purporting to show that
Democrats greatly outnumber Republicans in faculty positions, and citing official statements and principles of the American Association of University Professors, advocates of the Academic Bill of Rights would require universities to maintain political pluralism and diversity. This requirement is said to enforce the principle that “no political, ideological or religious orthodoxy should be imposed on professors and researchers through the hiring or tenure or termination process.”1 Although Committee A endorses this principle, which we shall call the “principle of neutrality,” it believes that the Academic Bill of Rights is an improper and dangerous method for its implementation. There are already mechanisms in place that protect this principle, and they work well. Not only is the Academic Bill of Rights redundant, but, ironically, it also infringes academic freedom in the very act of purporting to protect it.”

The bill was attempted to pass in Colorado.
David Horowitz had this to say

oh yeah David has a group that’s trying to get Student Bodies to embrace it

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Qoutes From the “Academic Freedom Bill of Rights”

Some of these are just amazing:

Bad ideas

(3)Students have a right to expect that their academic
freedom and the quality of their education will not be infringed
upon by instructors who persistently introduce controversial
matter into the classroom or coursework that has no relation to
the subject of study and serves no legitimate pedagogical purpose.

(5) Students have a right to expect that their academic
institutions will distribute student fee funds on a viewpoint-
neutral basis and will maintain a posture of neutrality with
respect to substantive political and religious disagreements, differences, and opinions.

(6) Faculty and instructors have a right to academic
freedom in the classroom in discussing their subjects, but they
should make their students aware of serious scholarly viewpoints
other than their own and should encourage intellectual honesty,
civil debate, and critical analysis of ideas in the pursuit of
knowledge and truth.

WHEREAS, the General Report of the Committee on Academic
Freedom and Tenure of the American Association of University
Professors admonished faculty to avoid “taking unfair advantage
of the student’s immaturity by indoctrinating him with the
teacher’s own opinions before the student has had an opportunity
fairly to examine other opinions upon the matters in question,
and before he has sufficient knowledge and ripeness of judgment
to be entitled to form any definitive opinion of his own,”

yeah poor college students, they can’t make up their own minds.

good ideas
(4) Students have a right to expect that freedom of
speech, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and freedom
of conscience of students and student organizations will not be
infringed upon by postsecondary administrators, student
government organizations, or institutional policies, rules, or procedures.

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Stop The Academic Freedom Bill of Rights

Unbelievable legislation attempting to be passed in Florida and California (it’s pending in Ohio too) It’s a law that requires Professors to teach, “serious academic theories? and allows, “students who think their beliefs are not being respected legal standing to sue professors and universities.”

Sniplet below TALLAHASSEE — Republicans on the House Choice and Innovation Committee voted along party lines Tuesday to pass a bill that aims to stamp out “leftist totalitarianism? by “dictator professors? in the classrooms of Florida’s universities.

The Academic Freedom Bill of Rights, sponsored by Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, passed 8-to-2 despite strenuous objections from the only two Democrats on the committee.

The bill has two more committees to pass before it can be considered by the full House.

While promoting the bill Tuesday, Baxley said a university education should be more than “one biased view by the professor, who as a dictator controls the classroom,? as part of “a misuse of their platform to indoctrinate the next generation with their own views.?

from the California Article: The issue of ideology on college campuses has been sweeping American colleges for the past year, promoted by Los Angeles-based conservative activist David Horowitz. Horowitz’s proposals include expanding “intellectual diversity” by mandating that colleges increase hiring of conservative professors.

Full Article on the Florida bill here:

Full Article on the California bill here:

David Horowitz’s blog is here:

Vote here:


You can read the bill here

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C&G Podcast Vol 3 out now

get it here or just do add to your ipoddder thing.

This time around Glam from Eno + The Winkies, Ne Zhdali, Ruck, Talking Heads, Ernest Ranglin, Eustachian, Madd Cobra, Robert Wilkins, John Tejada, The Congos, Motley Crue, Caetano Veloso, Arthur Russel, M.I.A. & Diplo, Seigen Ono, Ike Yard, A.R.K., Los Latigos, Coco Rosie, Lo Borges, Carl Craig, and Starship Beer.

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