The French Heist (Charlie McAlister, Sidsel Endresson, and Lou Lou’s new blog)

February 23, 2005 at 9:10 pm 1 comment

So these are the highlights in today’s blog-a-thon

From David’s blog

Charlie McAlister
The Fucking End Is this new? Is this old? Who is this guy? Should I do more research? yes.

Sidsel Endresson British(?) vocalist, jazz based. some tracks remarkably effective, others sound like that Sizzla number where he sings over jazz standards (yeah dancehall is that weird). Links Western Wind BBC Recording

Bollywood Soundtrack
It’s everywhere these days, but come It’s good

David has apparently made friends with some new girl named Lou Lou. ahh how do these things happen? friends? Anyway, she’s got some nice tracks

unfotunately forget her web address, but it has a nice 1920s poster
of lou lou scantly sipping her drink in what I imagine is a “hot jazz club”

And this one… well it made the rounds I think. Found it on a japanese blog that in turn linked to an american blog than in turn linked to a bands website. Secrelt Canadain group, proves that sometimes Emo does get it right.
Cover of Bjork’s Unravel

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Buffalo’s Sound Poetry Library people hit stuff and crash

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  • 1. e*rock  |  February 26, 2005 at 11:18 pm

    charlie mcalister did an LP on catsup plate maybe 5 years ago, also a comp appearance i had was good on a cassette label around the same time run by vote robot/french paddleboat dude. the awesome paddleboat tape was reissue last year on LP on catsup plate as well, try and find it its great! i thin khe made only 300 but i bought a second copy for $1 in a cutout bin at amoeba while on tour and gave it to fs blumm.


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