Thai Indie Small Room Label

February 10, 2005 at 8:08 pm Leave a comment

We all know at this point the Thai and the Japanese are
in a serious competition for hippest of the Asain cultures.
Chances are your reading this from some uber-exclusice thai eatery
with your micro-mini japanese laptop while Sylvia Marks blares
in itunes. But which one will win? the land of anime, electronics, and ultra-gory
films or this thai thing with it’s
conceptually engaged film makers, nuevo-archecture, and bustling e-conomey? Chances are they’ll tie, but the Thai, like any culture, now has their nicely snobby or ultra-friendly sub-culture of skid-row bohemians. And fittingly their music is as glossy and amazingly produced as the curry huts their harbingers have spread across the states. Groovy Airplane has a Beck infused horn stab, Stylish Nonsense is something I forget what, and after all that j-pop we’ve been blaring for 10 or so years, hearing a pop song in Thai seems welcoming.

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Roll Deep and Rinse FM (grime))) Audio Peru more South American techno

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