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Thai Indie Small Room Label

We all know at this point the Thai and the Japanese are
in a serious competition for hippest of the Asain cultures.
Chances are your reading this from some uber-exclusice thai eatery
with your micro-mini japanese laptop while Sylvia Marks blares
in itunes. But which one will win? the land of anime, electronics, and ultra-gory
films or this thai thing with it’s
conceptually engaged film makers, nuevo-archecture, and bustling e-conomey? Chances are they’ll tie, but the Thai, like any culture, now has their nicely snobby or ultra-friendly sub-culture of skid-row bohemians. And fittingly their music is as glossy and amazingly produced as the curry huts their harbingers have spread across the states. Groovy Airplane has a Beck infused horn stab, Stylish Nonsense is something I forget what, and after all that j-pop we’ve been blaring for 10 or so years, hearing a pop song in Thai seems welcoming.

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Roll Deep and Rinse FM (grime)))

That whole grime thing, not big here in the states.

Hyped yes, but loved no. It still ignites debates about

wether it’s a bunch of rip offs of U.S. hip-hop with British

accents or something actually new. Well at the very least there’s Rinse FM to

let you know, what’s going on even if you can’t get the records

here. Roll Deep live set is fucking amazing.

Maybe we’re just feeling the squinch of MCs being out-sourced.

p.s. this will probably post twice somehow becuase I e-mailed it
in and then blogger didn’t post it after a day so just published it manually.

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