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My new podcast

Hey Folks,

I’ve jumped into the new blogging craze with a podcast.
Reviving my old show from WPRK years back.

If you have ipodder you can add my feed at

in ipodder.
if you don’t and wanna preview
my shit anyway, check here:

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Gospel, Penn Sound, The Blog of Mike McGonigal

I’ve never met Mike McGonigal, but he’s got a story to tell. From heart stabbings to loving remineces over Slapp Happy his blog just kills with a wit and wisdom that’s part cynical and part bravado. A few choice mp3s from his stach include:

Robbie Basho’s old 12″ from Takoma

Slapp Happy

Bobby Charles

The Pennsound Poetry archive (similar to the buffalo/ubu archives)

Washington Phillips

and a rather amazing recording from Sister Wynona carr

Mike’s blog is here

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wfmu online (oh yeah and they need cash)

WFMU has fairly consistently been one of the better stations in the country.
Why they don’t take their real audio streams and transitors to commercial radio
with one of those (what are they called 102.7 licenses or something?) low-cost FCC licenses created to fight clear channel’s encroaching monopoly I don’t know. But their playlists, shows, and everything are available online and sans live365’s b.s. Really one of the better archives of music out there, stumbled back upon it today while searching for more seigen ono, there’s also a 99 Records show in their archives, Brain Turner’s show, and the Gospel show after Brain are all amazing. Even their everyday rock heavy line up is better than 90% of the indie INDIE INDIE INDIE INDIE that eternally never endlessly congeals the veins of freeform radio like clear channel’s obession with Soundgarden 15 years after their genesis. The station, I gather, is a non-profit no-ads and is taking donations year round. Is it just me or is new york to expensive for art these days? Tonic going under, Cggbs going under, etc.
If only radio stations could move to Astoria with the hipsters that support it.


February 26, 2005 at 10:55 pm 1 comment

LCD Soundsystem Videos

Saw this on the witness exchange LCD Soundsystem has a new video out for Daft Punk is Playing at My house, which is suitablly pretty funny. There’s also a video for movement. Might add the rapture’s alabama sunshine is pretty bad ass.


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people hit stuff and crash

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The French Heist (Charlie McAlister, Sidsel Endresson, and Lou Lou’s new blog)

So these are the highlights in today’s blog-a-thon

From David’s blog

Charlie McAlister
The Fucking End Is this new? Is this old? Who is this guy? Should I do more research? yes.

Sidsel Endresson British(?) vocalist, jazz based. some tracks remarkably effective, others sound like that Sizzla number where he sings over jazz standards (yeah dancehall is that weird). Links Western Wind BBC Recording

Bollywood Soundtrack
It’s everywhere these days, but come It’s good

David has apparently made friends with some new girl named Lou Lou. ahh how do these things happen? friends? Anyway, she’s got some nice tracks

unfotunately forget her web address, but it has a nice 1920s poster
of lou lou scantly sipping her drink in what I imagine is a “hot jazz club”

And this one… well it made the rounds I think. Found it on a japanese blog that in turn linked to an american blog than in turn linked to a bands website. Secrelt Canadain group, proves that sometimes Emo does get it right.
Cover of Bjork’s Unravel

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Buffalo’s Sound Poetry Library

following up on my post of 3 seconds ago, my friend Matt found this sound poetry library on the same site. He recommends the Cunningham pieces.

Edit: I hate how this will posts twice on my RSS feed but whatever. Turns out the sound poetry archive is all up on Ubu web the venerable and some times controversial arhcive of the avant-garade. While your at this, this archive organizes everything into artist by last name and seems to have a few more links than the aspen folder:

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Buffalo’s Ethnic Music Library

I got a bunch of new stuff I just stole from David Fennech’s live journal (as usual), but David linked to a Buffalo sound library uf Inuit folk songs (which is amazing) and it turns out the whole site is accessible. Includes nuggets from Sabina (what culture or singer is this?), Sainkyho Namylack (the Russian based, Tuvan born improv vocalist), country from Slim (?) that’s amazing, strangely tonal music from Vietnamese children, Ningun?, and African-Indian sounding choral music from Indonesia called
Ketjack (this one is highly recommended), and mysteriously in the midst of all this ethnic primitvism pop super star Caetano Veloso. I guess including Sainkyho Namlack is kinda cheating too. Both artists use the foreign and ethnic as their basis for commenting on Euro-American traditions. Also, the inuit songs David posted are just amazing. Probably my favorite after the Ketjack stuff.

p.s. is it just me or do some of the smile outakes reminds of the Ketjack stuff?

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The Ocean Floor or more Orlando Indie

this is my friend Lane’s band. Another one of Orlando’s
fine stock of folk-ies =)

doesn’t play well with others

small screen

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EVAC Michael Jackson remix

right before MJ hits prison electro pioneers EVAC have taken
over his voice for one more remix

MJ Remix

February 19, 2005 at 4:06 pm 1 comment

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