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Hawks and Sparrows

Just found this through a link on erock’s blog.

Hawks and Sparrows is formed from

the lucky dragons, wrist and pistols, and Narnack’s Aa

dates in Taiwan are either a traveling bunch or artists
of some repute. All sounds were recorded at a protest and messed with.

This one is
kinda Pan sonic-ee then ends out on a hip-hop break that i wish could
have been elaborated into an entire song, but Hawks seems to be into
that entire Lacan self-destructive drive to individuality here, i.e.
making an abject statement by pulling it all back, it’s what gives the
song it’s feel or difference.

Here simple
acoustic strumming provides that contemplative relief of a Fahey piece
only slightly tweaked to again cut out those morsels of the typical,
but feels a lot like OCS’ stuff. Minor touches, but intelligently done.

And this one
(rounding out the mp3 review thing) is still downloading. With
like 10 seconds on, it’s a skittering field recorded pastiche naive to
the extreme (sounds like a kid’s mic and a tracker). Reminds me of
early Lucky Kitchen stuff (alejandro and aaron right?). It still hasn’t
downloaded… damn you dial up…

Check out their website for more of the naively mixed ennui, careless
theorizing, and abject lessonings:


Edit, turns out I like his old band a little bit better.
Lucky Dragons

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RA – Raouls loves You – Coredump

RA is a graphic designer from France who’s done videos for
planet-mu and incidentally produces some of the most interesting
tunes to fit into the tired old mold of IDM. Raoul Loves You, his first
is scattered around at times with a brown hue that seems to draw from
dub and hip-hop with out sound derivative of either.

Brownie Brain

You’ll Be

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