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Lê Quan Ninh – French Free Improv

I‘m pretty confident any french man who reads this will explode
with disgust at any attempt I make to summarize Lê Quan Ninh,
I imagine them passing this page around from beret’d screen starer
to starer, but I first encountered Mr. Ninh via The Wire and picked up
His release on erstwhile, Today a friend of mine told me how hard it
was to record a French violinist at her Dad’s new music festival in Brazil
because he kept moving around. Possibly to avoid the mic.s she was dangling in
front of the French man’s face, or possibly because he, like Ninh, has
begun to utilize the microphone as part of the performance.

Anyway, pictures of Ninh’s performance look more like stills from a
Godard picture, with a team of recording agents moving around him as he stomps
tones of a drum kit. Some recordings are minimal blips of nascent music
making other are toned down improvisations that approximate jazz. What makes
all of this so compelling is the way these improvsers can’t seem to keep from
inventing new ideas. Ninh and company here sounds like
a clatter of congressmen argueing with each other in their own
respective kitchens before a slight moment of vocal tranquility recalls the quiet moments
of Pharaoh Sander’s work, and then back to more racketing gizmos, boredom done up as
entertainment, and surprises. The whole track keeps itself busy volleying from new
idea to idea breaking constraints and ending out more beautiful than any complacent
piece of pop music could ever hope to be. That’s what I really enjoy in Le Quan
Ninh’s engagement with improvisation, the groups he plays with makes free improv shine,
you wanna give it your friends and say here, look, it’s not all just a bunch of noise.

To many
mention at his website

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Matthew Derby — Super Flat Times

Discovered matthew derby via the usual angry letter to the editor
(he was stuck on reviewing emo for the believer)
Anyway, his writing is a pretty interesting semblance
of modern pessimism and a click and paste juxtaposition, kinda like
Abish only with a sense of humor (he even had
at his book reading). Along with Benjamin Weissman, and others
might be part of a new American post-post-modern ahh fuck it I
don’t wanna be part of a movement movement.
Tim and Eric provide the deleted scenes commentary.

Andrew Jones

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Hawks and Sparrows

Just found this through a link on erock’s blog.

Hawks and Sparrows is formed from

the lucky dragons, wrist and pistols, and Narnack’s Aa

dates in Taiwan are either a traveling bunch or artists
of some repute. All sounds were recorded at a protest and messed with.

This one is
kinda Pan sonic-ee then ends out on a hip-hop break that i wish could
have been elaborated into an entire song, but Hawks seems to be into
that entire Lacan self-destructive drive to individuality here, i.e.
making an abject statement by pulling it all back, it’s what gives the
song it’s feel or difference.

Here simple
acoustic strumming provides that contemplative relief of a Fahey piece
only slightly tweaked to again cut out those morsels of the typical,
but feels a lot like OCS’ stuff. Minor touches, but intelligently done.

And this one
(rounding out the mp3 review thing) is still downloading. With
like 10 seconds on, it’s a skittering field recorded pastiche naive to
the extreme (sounds like a kid’s mic and a tracker). Reminds me of
early Lucky Kitchen stuff (alejandro and aaron right?). It still hasn’t
downloaded… damn you dial up…

Check out their website for more of the naively mixed ennui, careless
theorizing, and abject lessonings:


Edit, turns out I like his old band a little bit better.
Lucky Dragons

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RA – Raouls loves You – Coredump

RA is a graphic designer from France who’s done videos for
planet-mu and incidentally produces some of the most interesting
tunes to fit into the tired old mold of IDM. Raoul Loves You, his first
is scattered around at times with a brown hue that seems to draw from
dub and hip-hop with out sound derivative of either.

Brownie Brain

You’ll Be

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Factory Records Returns w/ Grime? Raw-T mp3s

Saw this on the Record Camp List and checked it out

Tony Wilson the man behind Factory Records has returned

with a new version of factory records called F4 Records or maybe Red Cellars…
somehow no one knows and reports differs.

Regardless, Further
showing that grime is making it out of England and slapped into your
regular rotation of the old-skool, new-skool, and art-skool hip-hop,
Tony’s first release comes from Grime act Raw-T who turned out, after
listening to a few mp3s, to be pretty sick. Check these:

Track 1

Dancehall-esque one

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Shibusashirazu more Japanese Improv (from David F)

of David F’s
latest find. New improv group from Daisuke Fawa called

Mp3 Here

On another note there seems to be a lot of these really amazing
Japanese big band improv groups like Seigen Ono’s Dragonfish ensemble,
whatever one Otomo Yoshide has etc. But this is definitely a high-light

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Fog – We’re Winning

Andrew Broder aka FOG going way indie here, with help from Grew Lewis
on horns and my man of the IDM hour Cepia aka Huntley Miller on laptop.
I’m not hearing the proposed micotonal click-ee-s promised in the
description but the track is still good.

We’re Winning

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M.I.A.’s Sub Static (Cologne) + new Dino Felipes vs Funk Mobb

First and foremost M.I.A. from Cologne (aka Michaela Grobelny), no not
the Sri Lankan via U.K. grime beauty, was first brought to my attention
by a Philip Sherbourne article. Then some friends said their trying to
bring her to the states and I decided to check her out. M.I.A. She’s
part of that entire better than tech-house movement that folks like
Luciano seem to be hep on (his ep for Bruchstuecke is one of the
weirdest easy listening tears for fears tunes I’ve heard in awhile).
Describing what exactly M.I.A. does is kinda hard to put down in the
usual imagine said band playing with said producer with such and such a
vocalist, basically it’s all creative click and paste histories of
techno, cleaning up grimy eighties electronica, giving it all a techy
sheen, then sending it to the next stage of production where it becomes
pop songs . Denies the usual eighties fetish for dirt fucking in the
office to glammy new wave.
Check out Release #36

Dino Felipe played at my old night twice and dropped noisy fucking
bleeps the first time and the second time played some of his more
disturbing pop music. Dino might be the guy to make Schematic’s usual
avant-mockery into something pleasant enough to dance to, and his two
latest projects (the album I’m You and new group Finesse and Runway) do
seem to be destined to lift the freak flag all over sequencers and
windows media players. Here’s hoping Finesse and Runway’s minimal
promotion in the states drives it onto tables at indie dance nights all


I’m You

Finesse and Runway

Melba’s page

This is from Cociane

Funk Mobb mp3 from their 1996 e.p. for Jive. Never heard of these guys
before, but Cocaine Blunts consistently puts up some good shit.
Produced by 40, ( I think the producers name is 40 Water). Proto
dirty-south type of shit. Their out of print Cd is fetching good prices
on amazon.

Funk Mobb –

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George Antheil my new hero

Listening to La Monte Young interview right now, discovered through
American Mavericks George Antheil and American composter
born in 1900 died in 1959, and made some crazy symphonies
that involded amongst other things, airplane propellers, and
large percussion ensembles.

Lived and worked in Berlin and Paris amongst Joyce and others.
There’s some story here, of Americans experimenting with
pop culture (again), connecting with the european avant-garde,
and perhaps some aspect of transitional thought between modernism
and post-modernism, but Antheil’s work seems to be less
transitional as brutal, still un-rivaled, and considered with
a keen ear for aesthetics
Clip here
Ballet Mechanique

Jazz Symphony

Sonata 2

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