Objeto Amarelo or Brazil and well it’s ability to still beat us out at avant-pop

November 17, 2004 at 8:55 pm Leave a comment

3 guys from Sao Paolo that claim The Residents and Lighting Bolt as
their influences,
Object Amarelo makes me aware of how much I hate describing music,
so much of this is familar, metal basslines, Pavement Westing
by Musket and Sextant production, and so much of it is new,
Brazilian? Yeah sure, but Objecto is far from just a “culturally”
colored take on the no-fi pop of say Sebadoh or OCS, it’s more
natural American heir would be Neon Hunk, The Mae Shi, or
even a little bit of Maurice Fulton. Songs slink by relaxed,
cluttered with ideas and context, un-resolved by witty in
style, the dryness of Brazil’s samba singers, that peculair
almost way they have of being so detached is taken to the
thrift shop of indie’s bottle rims. These kids can do anything
but their discouraged, their simmering, their ideas don’t
develop but into one beautiful idea of un-developing ideas,
ruin isn’t a motif it’s an way of creation,
the act of breaking down the song becomes
the song but spews a strange by product a run off of
hope and change an openess to ideas,
and through it comes closer to being life.

Visit and Listen:


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