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John Corigliano or stuffy classical… still good

I’ve always objected to that peculiar fascination with how much
classical music sucks. I mean we, i.e. the you inside of you that
happens to coincide with me, were born in the great decline of
the symphony and concerto. The opera? a relic only fit for
outlining the latest in euro-trash techno. But in reality classical
music (regardless of romantic, baroque, or whatever else pre
19th century afore Van Halen human culture had their large concert
halls stocked with) has always been quite good. But, we’ve always
seen it as a moth eaten tradition, filled with boring soloquies in
instruments we couldn’t care about, I mean the least they could
do is plug in a wah-wah pedal. But Seeing Vivaldi performed live,
Mahler, operas, or the other things my rock-entrusted techno dazzed
mind has been dragged to by NPR listening parents. Like most myths of
the bohemia,
it ultimately can be blamed on hippies, but let’s not let it rest there,
I’ve seen hippies raid entire classical sections hungrily devouring the
music of their parents (in 1997 mind you). John Corigliano has received
numerous awards, praise, and even provided the two-step music back drop
for a Samuel L Jackson film. His combination of drone-ee minimal-ness
and embracing of Yo-Yo Ma (yeah, I’m really that un-cool) sounds nothing
like Glass, and well centers itself in something that’s basically
music just done well and with a slight left-leaning edge. For all I know
this guy is some revolutionary, but chances and PR photos seem to depict
him as part of a new school of composers, engaged with the rigours of
past, but versed in the tones of the 20th century. It combines for
you haven’t heard sampled by rock-stars at one point, but maybe will be.


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More World, SWP records Africa

So many world music labels these days, but SWP (the guy who release
the music with the classy African pic on top with usually a green-ish
on the bottom of the jewel case) have put out a well rounded and rather
amazing look at some apparently rare music from tribes in the Congo
SWP011 Kanoyk and Luba 1952 & 1957 definitely provides a linkage
to today’s Brooklyn bound tribal love-offs. Pattering flute riffs, a
bass like tone underneath, drums so crunched they may as well be
white noise, and a kinetic chant that seems to build with out reaching
the seminal-sexual overtones of romanticised ejaculation that every
guitar pan orchestral blow out has to reach. Funny how that might
be an American ting.

sounds at:

p.s. I love trans-climatic orgasmic rock offs.

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Objeto Amarelo or Brazil and well it’s ability to still beat us out at avant-pop

3 guys from Sao Paolo that claim The Residents and Lighting Bolt as
their influences,
Object Amarelo makes me aware of how much I hate describing music,
so much of this is familar, metal basslines, Pavement Westing
by Musket and Sextant production, and so much of it is new,
Brazilian? Yeah sure, but Objecto is far from just a “culturally”
colored take on the no-fi pop of say Sebadoh or OCS, it’s more
natural American heir would be Neon Hunk, The Mae Shi, or
even a little bit of Maurice Fulton. Songs slink by relaxed,
cluttered with ideas and context, un-resolved by witty in
style, the dryness of Brazil’s samba singers, that peculair
almost way they have of being so detached is taken to the
thrift shop of indie’s bottle rims. These kids can do anything
but their discouraged, their simmering, their ideas don’t
develop but into one beautiful idea of un-developing ideas,
ruin isn’t a motif it’s an way of creation,
the act of breaking down the song becomes
the song but spews a strange by product a run off of
hope and change an openess to ideas,
and through it comes closer to being life.

Visit and Listen:


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Smash TV Bits For Breakfast

At this point you’ve heard of the BPitch label.
If you haven’t… well I’m not exactly sure who that’s possible.
Logic dictates that you’ve read a magazine or website in the
last year. Anyway, Smash TV’s latest I picked up the other day
and am digging. Kinda electro (disco at times ala Daniel Wang
or Legowelt) pop. It’s a shame none of these labels are going
the direction Warp did, marketing this shit to indies, but hey
all the better for you DJ something or not, keeps the tunes from
going stale when !!! and The Rapture just ain’t cutting it anymore.


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Don Cherry & Kryzystof Penderecki – Actions

Just remembered this one because
was talking to someone about Pendereki.
Ye olde, and legendary, collaboration between
the serialist and the free-worldy-improviser

Still one of my favorites. Humus is as sweet as spiritual jazz’s
let’s throw every culture’s syncopation into jazz huzpath got
in the Cherry canon (I picked up MU part 1 & 2 the other day
another highlight) and Pendereki’s composition Actions just
makes the whole album shine. Indispensable jazz and good
fact towards nudging out the notion that Europe’s serious school
of composition couldn’t mix it with America’s free-spirited academy
of blowers. Also features Peter Brotzman on sax.

Clips here:

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