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The Serth… No Necks in Action

Making atonement here for my shocking disclosure of actually being
a publicist. Music from The No Neck’s release for Revenant. I missed
these guys the one time they played in Memphis, and their music
scatter shots around the oasis of noise making. Their second release
for Serses/ Sound@One made it down to Florida in the summer of 2000
and didn’t really do anything. Letters from The Serth had the feeling
of delta-drumming around 1910 but didn’t bring in the gospel melodies
that make backwaters southern drum circles aspire to more than just
clamoring. Here on their release for unfortunately now deceased John
Fahey’s label, gospel acoustics are nailed down to a spirituality
that’s perhaps more eastern in standing. Wonderful song. Their more
recent Intonomacy really impressed me to with it’s full fledged wonders
into what could loosely defined as pyschedelica:

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Evil Publicity Continues: Machine Drum Bizdness

Another label I work, Merck is releasing the new machine drum album
in October. Travis’ stuff never manages to quite beat out Prefuse or
for the glitch-hop crown, but it’s electronica that’s pretty sweet.

He’s also on tour
Machine Drum – Bidnezz Release Tour w/ Eustachian
10.13.04 – Stella Blue – Asheville, NC
10.16.04 – Gallery Lombardi – Austin, TX
10.18.04 – Modified Arts – Phoenix, AZ
10.21.04 – Trouble Club – San Francisco, CA
10.22.04 – Tabu – Ashland, OR
10.25.04 – Synapse @ Monroes – L.A. w/ Scape-One
10.31.04 – Inshallah gallery – L.A. – Halloween party w/ Deadelus
11.xx.04 – Venue TBA – El Paso, TX
11.04.04 – Venue TBA – Houston, TX

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Michael Johnson -Nonsense Goes Mudslide (or ppl I work for)

Yes I am one of those evil publicists that sends you e-mails about
new releases, and yes like most publicists I don’t actually make
money doing it. Anyway two of three of the things I’ve done work on lately
are actually pretty good. Michael Johnson’s Nonsense Goes Mudslide
is an above average indie-tronica release with a feel similar to
Of Montreal. Worth checking out, the video is pretty cool too:



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my new mp3 blog

so much stuff to talk about,
so many mp3s to spread
my new mp3 blog


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