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FEELING LIKE A WEARWOLF… (chorus feeling like a wearwolf, feeling like a wearowolf)

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updates due

by my count need to write

08/09, 08/10, 08/11, and now 08/12

no idea if I’ll have an internet connect tomorrow
in Greensboro


New York is a brilliantly small town comprised of lilliputs villages
of all the cultures that make America prominient. It’s a strange home
where you find yourself in a park from a movie every 3 blocks and filling
times with the age old game of train-fu. Train-fu is the art of buying
12 dollar train pass and crusiing new york by as few stops as possible.
you walk entire sections, the east village to soho to the gugenhim to
central park. the jogger of central park sits by us as we read his plac
establshing him as new york’s first runner of the central park resevoir.
I never make Williamsburg or Fusetron by passing the entire area by
2 stops into cypress hill. New York is home, always, somehow. It’s double
package of foriegn experience, entrenched structures, and it’s uncanny
ability to be everything you’ve been to before only compressed like
spray paint into one un-formed whole. It exists slowly outside of time’s
contraints. There is no worry that East Village will ever be adabonned,
Astoria will always be a great place, these things are temporary, but
every generation of grafitti writers and wealthy gallery owners leave
their mark. The city becomes a concurrence of signs, of culture, of
people leaving one district for the next. Where will Williamsburg relocate
now that it’s residents climb the economic scale? It’s crime rate is soaring
as bohemians become sucessfull enterprenuers. Austin, TX is losing it’s
populos of under-acheivers for houston and dallas, Willismburg for philly
and astoria (which is already looking nice) and the east village is getting
new residents. Ultimately an economic climb is gonna come. We of the
google, the flash script, the gallery trotting girls that mob the L by night,
the indie-loving boys that scrimp down kim’s grottoes, austin’s emo-sapiens,
Seattle’s grungy bottle rims, are becoming sucessfull. the counter culture slows,
Brookylnites call for the cops who’s absence of patrols let them party for 10 years
un-abated, now to protect their wealth from mobsters and cypress hill. A change
is gonna come. We’ll all be yuppied in 10 years time. Garnered in galleries, corned
with wealth and wine collections, wondering why our kids can’t seem to find jobs.

Andrew Jones

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