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Washington D.C.

D.C. is ridicously wealthy. Just ridicously wealthy.
It’s poorest neighborhoods look like they were just dry-vaced.
Anyway ended up watching fear and loathing w/ scott, bekka, and emily
till about 5 a.m. Emily is a grad school student and of course extremely
cute and fairly smart. This ensures I will never sleep with her. It is
impossible for me to ever provide the calm cool disinterested state of
mind that actually A. engage her on a level aside from wanting to have
sex with her (which obviously streams forth from my eyes) B. becuase of
A she’ll forver be wary of my company. This, unfortunately, is the story
of my love life. One constant girl crazy jump from pine to pine to
not pining to 2 day involvement back to pining away from pining thinking
I’m gay for awhile to 2 day involvement back to pining to finally just blowing
it by telling someone I love them say around 15 minutes after I meet them.

This is also the story of the world. For instance would Mussolini have been a Nazi if he hadn’t accidentally spilled his lust for Winston Churchill all over the 1937 limberug sausage debate? Would Churchill have developed a relationship with him? maybe become friends, then enemies, then lovers on some twist of fate involving getting stranded by 2 submarines on a prison sex island while the chicatuqia bannana woman gently strokes her way through the fawn, lovingly embracing all the tress around her. Emily is right about one thing, the new isue of Fence rules. All of the poetry aside Katherine Nolte is my hero. Her stories race along in a deadpan surrealism that un-cannily rivals my own. I begin to wonder how old she is, where she lives, what does she look like? And why the obession with penguins?


Queens, NY
I have a peculair driving method which could be related to such classical forms as Don Quixte or even the drivvling marches of the crusades. Driving is a zen like state provided meditation and obsessively gawking out the window are one in the same. I start in D.C., wind over to Baltimore, in Baltimore I have the choice between a toll road and a toll road that goes under a harbour. I go under the harbour and come out on the other side on my first gigantic bridge of the day. In D.C. giant bridges don’t exist all buildings can’t be taller than the white house. Anyway, Baltimore leads up i-95 which goes to Philly and in Philly I find an abandonned parking garage that’s essentially now an open air gallery for grafitti. It’s absolutely beautiful. Around 4 stops for directions later I am now 19 dollars less than I started (yes it is 5 a car to get on 95 and 6 a car to get into new york plus about 7-8 in tolls additionally along the way) and somewhere in new york. predicabily no one calls. Lisa doesn’t call, I call Praveen, I call Kim, no one answers. It is at this point that distress turns into the world’s best enchilida. You see on 31st in Astoria, NY there’s only one mexican restaurant that takes credit cards. For 14 bucks I get a beer and 3 cheese enchilidas. I take them and walk back to the park by the waterfront where a giant bridge slopes over and couples sit 2 at a time on benches over looking the water. I open the enchilida which is made w/ white sauce, green chile, and yes even guacamola has been mixed in. It’s the best thing I’ve eaten probably ever on the east coast. I mean it really is that good. The enchilida is spicy enough that it makes you continue eating it as your sinuses drop out of your face and a feeling of relief washes over you, it is sour like cottage cheese and soothes you with a subtle hint of balm, it is still hot after 2 weeks, it is made w/ swiss cheese instead of cheddar. Additionaly it’s fucking topped with fresh onions and avocado. Man is that thing good. All of this spicey sourness only makes the final cigarette you smoke over a negra modelo all the better. You feel releived. You feel like booking things, you feel like publicizing things, you feel like fucking all night, it’s kinda like a suana and fast food combined into one, you just feel relaxed. I wonder if they do mail order?


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