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He went to Monte Carlo where he played roulette,
Won ever penny and he never lost a bet.
Played every night till the bank went broke.
Laid himself down and took another smoke.

– Willie the Weeper
(from Luc Sante’s Low Life)

I had a challenge once to write a parable like Kafka’s.
I never did it, couldn’t think of one. I mean it’s kinda hard
to tie words in knots like that. To make plots shift into
each other like an Escher drawing. Spent most of today driving
around. Went back by the building on 33 and looked under the floor
boards. Found some old corn cobs but nothing else. In Virginia
there’s a bevy of destructable buildings waiting for exploration but
not much else. Didn’t make the beach. Richard sent me a link to his
new website which looks nice. Supposively
Richie is doing an album for Ghostly now. When I think about it
the Kafka parable usually revolves around a point of view. The Hunger Artist (which I just looked up again and is a great little story) makes the artist an outsider. He just can’t eat. Which reminds me ate at Knightdale Seafood and BBQ today and
recommend it to anyone who’s in Raliegh. Great place. They have squatter’s rights here, which means many of these abandonned buildings are occupied from time to time as communes. In south carolina a pink building indiicates it’s a squatter community. looking on the hunger artist now it all seems simple. Stories I dream up these days have motives and morals far more complicated than Kafka’s premise, but still it’s one of his less profound stories really, many of his other stories just deal with a kinda metaphysical agnst (note brooding isn’t cool anymore i.e. like your worren jets to brazil shirt, but out rage is totally in style i.e. break out thse pussy galore tees their back in). Anyway tired from a day of traveling. The Hurricane has hit us here. We’re all inside or like me driving around. Going up to NYC pretty soon.


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