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and so it continues…

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madd journaler

Ok so a few notes to this

A. it was written in one big long revision by attachment
mode except the last line which I fucked with.

B. My apologies to all the stoners out there is might offend with this.
I get kinda heavy thesae days

B. 1. I like the fact that the only drugs I deal with (while legal still destructive)
are beer and cigarettes. Don’t ask me why, but getting really stoned
is something I’ve only found enjoyable when I just wasn’t in it anymore.
A state I don’t enjoy, but yeah it is kinda where I be right now.

C. Yes, this really is the best thing I’ve written all day.

D. as the funny but melodramatic intro might make you think
along while back I was supposed to be a writer. This one was something
my Dad came up with since I read so much and I agreed with. Then I went to college
and started listening to music. As to which passion draws me the greater,
well I listen to a lot more music than books I read these days, but I
still feel as if I have literary abilities. Good ones. And it seems kinda dumb
to just leave them to no use and if you don’t try… well what have you accomplished?

E. these notes are made to explain that we’re all dependent on what is
essentially a certian network of explianbility in the human relam. i.e.
we’re all prone to mistakes, mishaps, and other things and nothing contained
with in is intended to meet those vaunted goals of what might be called
professional I mean come on 1/2 my sentances start with anyways

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photobucket is resizing my images if their over 250k and preview
just turns them into mush. turns out illsutrator gets them.


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Photobucket continues to parse my jpegs down to
un-legible size. working on it, but at the moment this is all I got.


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yesterday’s ysterday today


yesterday’s yesterday

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yesterday today

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when you lose some element of taste at 1 a.m.

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more of the intellectual speak

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saga of melodrama edition 52

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quicker notes

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