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Minimalism is the re-statement of an expression till it reaches
it’s fullest point. The cycling of a single musical moment, a
spare style of prose, a clean line on a canvas. It derives it’s
aesthetic value by pre-supposing we know complication and can
appreciate a respite from more thought traffic heavy works while
ironically inciting us to the challenge of un-raveling the myriad
logics behind the gesture

It’s a shame Italian zine Neural hasn’t learned these simple lessons.
Encased in a retro-94 cyber-punk theme it’s as dead as R.U. Sirius
and twice as cliched (note apparently R.U.’s got some new ideas and is hitting back w/ (gasp) new material).
Neural’s two largest flaws are: A. neurotically clustered around themes
that rely on the outside world to draw their relevance and B. it’s
themes are cliches, it’s articles re-statements of hackitivist odes
less defended as repeated mantra like to cure any doubt the reader
might have of their validity with a consistent verbal beat down.

This could have been a great magazine providing a needed plateux
cutting down the complications of other arts magazine to re-state
the internet’s aesthetic condrums in a pleasant and intelligent way.
Instead through shoddy translation, ridicioulsly bad music reviews,
and interviews that waste their subject’s time re-confirming |-|aX0r
ideologies, Neural dates itself and bores any potential audience outside
of shaved head neo-goths still chatting about skinny puppy on irc.

Additional offenses come in it’s remarkably impotent political strategies (I mean come on, I was part of the mutate project and we definitely didn’t change the world) and running an article in napster in 2004. The only positives are the good taste of the staff in highlighting Rechenzentrum and ok maybe the music reviews aren’t that bad…

Neural completely misses the point of net art, electronic music, and theory by posing it as an ends up it’s own ass instead of a force out to change well maybe not the world, but at least your outdated copy of flash.


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