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Two Beginnings
if a screaming comes across the sky, chances are your in Afganhastin, Iraq, or possibly America. But while we battle out a conflict we had no ethical business getting involved in, is it just me or is the rest of the world looking good right now? Thailand, Hong Kong, Tiawin, have bustling economies. Nollywood has allowed Nigerians to garner a public dream scape in which to hoist away their frustrations and begin to create a self-regulated economy (sans self-regulated traffic Transition Journal informs).
Encroaching Peace Corps date. Berlin and London have more music than anywhere else in the world (and the shit parade has now outlasted the love parade). And I’ve written about this before, it’s a peculair fascination, a need to make sure the rest of the world isn’t jealous of American life and instead has enough sense to see the overwhelming positives in their countries versus what is, at the moment, the most fucked up country to be in.

There’s a particular store here for outsider art I keep seeing in the worst part of town, sandwiched between a gas station and an abandoned building, it’s whole outer wall is a giant mosiac of paintings seemingly glued, nailed, roped, or fastened to it’s exteroir in a manor that’s definitely not intended to display them as art. Instead the paitnings hang like chickens as if their value isn’t aesthetics, but their instead pellets to feed your walls. The first time I wanted to stop, but decided to get a camera first, the second time I drove by I noted the address and the third time I drove by, with a camera for a change, it had receded into a Steve Erickson novel. Another shop here with the name THE FORCE Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Records is now an auto-detialing shop with a nail place in it. There’s tons of fodder here for aspiring photographers to document “the south,” which is far less an actuality than a myth, the guys in the mis-labeled and beat down auto-detialing place were all wearing Diesel and working on Subarus and Lexuses. It’s a poor town, but there
s more jaguars per block in Birmingham than anywhere in the u.s. by my count and Mercedes is giving it’s employees the SUVs they make here as part of their salary. The latest semi-decent indie shop here has become a bar and some place called Workplay my mom seems to think is the local college stop. The racial divide in birmingham BTW is probably the worst of anywhere I’ve seen, Birmingham is almost entirely ghetto with two – 3 affluent areas, not just primarily white, but basically all white anywhere where it’s nice. on another note method man and redman have a new show on fox next week.

Esopus is now the best magazine in the world. While Frieze stills contains more content, and an overall better view of art, Esopus neutoritcally hones in on an artist with out even mentioning them, letting folks build barns in the middle of their magazine, leave shocking little love notes on the front cover, includes cards to various san francscio love hotels, and manages to make a extremely cliched subject (kurt cobian) read-able while uncovering the conflicts in the slacker message, the peculair zen of Flipper, oh yeah and this guy went and saw Mystic River 10 times and wrote a journal about it. Ahh fuck, and there’s a bad ass cd w/ original music made for it, but a bunch of different folks (Loumo being the big one).


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failure artist journal #1

so I’m living w/ my mom now.
oh yeah and I’m fucking booking chris clark

Correction, 7/16/04 (know this for awhile)

I’m not booking Chris Clark

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sleeping, eating, listening to can

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wankers, widows, gay men

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all the works of 2 days

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