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update le stewart compound

it starts with this dream where me and a few other folks are in
this sci-fi compound. A military looking space with a few touches
of say resident evil at places. there’s about 6 of us and all we
seem to do is have some type of odd sex with each other, floating
in the air and all of that. when the dream ends i wake up and it’s
10 a.m. in chattanooga. i think the dream was one of the post-apocalpyistic
type of things. yesterday spent the night outside of Atlanta. swam laps in
a pool and watched animal planet. I think animal planet has to have the worse
editors and writers behind it. in that crocodile hunter show they repe4t the
same fac7s over and over again. the only small surprise was finding out
that camels are actually having little impact on the environment since
being introduced and aren’t really disturbing things. the snake hunt show
ends successfully with them bagging the first live species of some
incredibly rare snake. it’s inspiring in a way. at the very least they
all swim naked at one point and the wife is pretty hot. drive around atltanta
listening to outkast. just had to buy it, the song Hey Ya is very original
nothing has ever quite sounded like it. chock it up next to the john chantler
I got, the errorsmith, and I can’t recall much else this year I heard
that sounded new to me or the product of a unique mind except Drexeycia’s sea snake which like 20 years old now. animal planet’s 10 most extreme (animals) re-hashs all the stories from the nineties, something for us that sat around at science museums during the yuppie edutianment boom of the early 90s, remember the lamprey? remember the borroughesian lamprey? remember the angler fish? angler fish is still #1 which sucks cuz they show like 3 seconds of footage of this bad ass deap sea shark and a bunch of other stuff. i wish there was a camera recording deep sea footage like that all the time and streaming it to the web. should be. actually that’s an idea, kinda like the thing seti is doing, set up some under water cameras with good web cams and let other people watch it and record shit. you’d have to worry about the occasional fake, but what is some kid in turkey catches a new species across the lense at 3:45 a.m. your time?
once I’m done in Altanta I drive up to Chattanooga and met Travis and Natalie
for lunch. and anyway we went out and drank last night, natalie’s heading back home and I wanna buy all this new shit these days like shoes and cell phones. Going to the aquarium later.


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i’m not that n2 video games but

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faciality 1

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maps and other things

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