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What’s interesting about dance music is that it occupies a greater cultural space, it’s instruments were ubiquitios creations, things imported by materials that followed the last waves industrialization around like a plague. The tuners and bolts of the moog – the original arguement-
electronica occupies a bigger cultural space, it’s the new thing, a friend just arriving on the shores, and every day it’s eventing new tricks keeping people occupied by something that’s not quite trival, but certianly links back to a history of percussive music unreached by rock’s thump and ironically the blues’ clever replacement. This is way out on a limb, but classical music lacked percussion till Ravel gave it back over to the exotica motif. But really the greater space, the sense of movement in electronica is in part due to it’s newness, the fact that it’s a frontier, a place where kids in impoverished countries can still make a name not by emulation or mutation, but by pulling up the strings entirely and doing it there way, but that’s not right exactly. It’s fresh. rock has expired, do we really care if anyone does rock anymore? does it really matter? are we consigning it to history? no we’re not. rock has proven not to be the chess of pop music, but merely it’s most vapid vechile. W/O a structure it relies on the inner vision of it’s creators to fuel it with new ideas, but unfortunately jazz seems to be the only music that’s managed to run the w/o the nets game in sucessive series of volleys that aren’t on the court, but stay up in spaces and tangents invisible to everyone but the swirly logics of their creators. There are important people in electronic music, people who are shuffling around 4/4s in nearly endless games of subtlety to folks ripping the very foundations of dance to shreds by digitally emoding free-jazz’s always prevassive wail. What it brings me to is this, to base a music around the instrument from real life fails to get the imagination of the very unreal world we live in. We’re attached to electronic devices at all times, cell phones, internet, tvs, radios, and those not terribly clever ads, somehow electronica fits into this trend. it’s the music of the unreal, something shaken from keyboards and digested in mass quantities by people who know better than to think that what’s real is necessarily what’s there. it’s not a life of illusions we live in, it’s a life of will. you can find it struggling every day in your speakers, trying to find a way out of chimera into something better than perception.

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