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June 26, 2003 at 4:11 am Leave a comment

I feel like a wuss becuase I am no longer out raged by the politics of our country.
For instance:
Neither article fills me with a desire to get up on a pedstal and decry
this as infamy. Are the politics of this country right? I have my doubts
and I definitely don’t like this administration, but I don’t feel empowered
to over throw it. I never had that power, but once it seemed I belonged to
an angry mob of people who knew this was wrong, now I merely feel like
I’m part of an apathetic party of people content to sit on their ass. We’ve
tried protesting, petitions, and everything else, what in fucks name will get
this guy to get out of the American presidency? We need a new form
of social protest, something better than non-violence or asisnation,
what we need is something from the internet better than a petition or
another angry letter to the editor. This guy isn’t listening to us, who is
the majority?


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