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I’m not sure why, but whatever hole I worred into my personality in the last few months has suddenly healed. I still worry and it still nearly breaks, but I feel a desire to do things again and a rightenous in my actions that’s been missing. Thank god. Anyway, dad’s supposed to be calling today. Me, hopefully Fred, and Rom are working on getting Jamie Lidell of Super_Collider here and I’m hoping that Rom’s cool with getting Errorsmith down here next time Craig brings him to New York. Working Christian Vogel for promos. which brings up how impressed I am with Vogel’s web site it’s all forums, like living on the sea it brings to mind. Great idea, but how many people can put up with being constantly critized by fans as all the artists complain about I meet, Kid606 took down his forum, but he does seem kinda sensitive. It must be cool to be scouring over a 100 posts a day if not more from all over, or maybe it’s just highly naricistic.
Reading Hellboy makes me think back on my superstitious past or lack there of. One night while in bed this white hand slapped up to me and I looked down at this alien and went to bed. another time i remember floating off bed a couple times that I have that memory. At school this other girl swears she has a home video of kids levitating. All sorta of esp shit went down between 90 – 98. Whatever happened to the X-Files anyway? I once downloaded almost every picture of Gillian Anderson I could find. Recently I sent a query to Wired about Travis, Michelle, and Gabe’s olde internet channel //. Members include Twerk, Machine Drum, Proswell, and others. I think Twerk and Machine Drum are the two biggest to come out of it. A stroll down to my teenage years on emu-net, playing emulated video games. There was a guy who was 36 dating a 16 year old via irc chat, hopefully he never made good on his promise to come and see her. Travis claims he doesn’t hang out there anymore, but the second I got an irc client he told me to join, but he seems to busy with real life to really be hang’n there for to long. Gabe similarly claims it’s all dead. I understand, I mean there’s no way in hell I’m going back to channels I used to go to, even though the desire to see who is still there would be interesting, but I think R.E., Acid whatever the fuck he was called, and others probably closed down all our servers way back in the day. I doubt they survive unless as refuges for linux freaks like we all were back then, i can’t beleive at one point in my life i could actually program (a little bit). I struggle to make the simplest scripts in supercollider work today. I once wrote a really lame fighting game at Rollins in flash. I’m under contractual obligations to write short stories now via parents. I need to work on my little sci-fi story. So yeah Hellboy, another boring comic book that doesn’t go anywhere.


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