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anyway, everyone claims their from the ghetto these days. the american dream to be the underdog that rises to the top. Judah Mason has two bullet holes and a metal plate in his head from when he was beaten senseless I’m assuming by a crow-bar or baseball bat. He’s also got a fake finger and lives in a shack with his girlfriend and their child. They’ve been together 9 years one of the ice girls tells me, she looks like a crack addict kinda or a tech addict as Judah tells me. Tek is like crippe only it’s crack. We spend the day getting the Diamond Ice booty-bass (aka shake) image, hoping from Strip Bar to Strip Bar (which I don’t think he frequents as much as he claims) and come home to his studio/ bedroom where porn mags and m3rck fliers spot the floor. He’s a nice guy, gone rasta, makes allusions to getting high, and is generally down to earth. He’s a little vain informing me he’s not the best looking guy and that all the girls keep telling him to shave his head again, later he admits to having a lot of Bob Marley shit that would go with a pair of shoes in the magazine he’s going to be featured in. On the way home it turns out the recorder didn’t record and I call him and we set up to swap questions again the next day. What exactly Judah does I can’t quite tell. His royalties per album probably beat Travis’ 2k earning plus Judah’s on a lot more shit, but he claims he doesn’t work and I think he just sells pot right now. A car hit his house and scraped the side tearing down the fence. I’m interviewing him for a major British music magazine, how long till the bling comes his way? Maybe 2 years after 16 years of music making. He pipes out some complex electro from two pawned drum machines and a sampler still cacked in mud he got for a dollar. It seems like he’s building a world with childish squiggles of primitive synths, the tricks he pulls I can’t even hear till a second later when it occurs to me the bass has come up in a different pattern, the Paul Hardcastle fortresses of eighties keys have restructed into borroughs hailing from dancehall, the paino riff is even chessier etc, Return home pissed in the car at the recorder. Collpase on the couch at Dave’s and Jecie tries to pull me up. Call Amanda on way home and ask if she’s in New Smyrna, but she’s not. Watch a little of Blue Velvet with Dave. Go home to sleep becuase I have to interview Judah (again) tomorrow. Don’t sleep, play some Unreal. Win a game, enter another game to late. Kill this one guy 3 times in a row who ends up winning (would have won had entered game earlier). At the start of the day Gabe’s fliers show up, get a writer’s update from Xlr8r after I get home. Richard Devine is producing the new NIN album. Send Tomas a query on Shadetek for the Tigerbeat6 features Xlr8r is running. Work for a change. Did I mention bowling? Bowled with Travis and met this girl Sydney. I was hoping she’s kick Clint’s ass, but she lost the first game and claims I cursed her. She’s extremely cute although bowling with her boyfriend. Clint is the most boring man on the face of the planet. One of those guy who seems to exist 60 seconds in the past, fiercly clutching to an ideal of hip-ness that’s already faded. He does hit 4 strikes in a row though. Melissa aka DJ Hopscotch beats both me and Travis. Head over to John’s house to watch RunRonnie Run that Travis has on avi.Chuck D says entertainment by Blacks equals slavery, all the questions I know to ask Diamond Ice revolve around being ghetto and having bling. Like most people he’s happy to answer that he’s all ghetto and that all those othr Sensitive thugs are just blowing.


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