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the story

a lot of stories have been occuring to me as of late. Had one last night, but forgot. Here’s another
one that occured to me. There’s something I’m supposed to be doing today, but can’t remember.
The shark needs to be flattened out a little, need something that makes it different from what it

a guy gets fired, or something like it.
Drives to the beach and ends up behind a truck
with something that looks like a shark. Can’t quite
see what it is so he keeps creeping closer. When
he finally gets close enuff flashed the high beams and
the shark like thing looks at him and opens its mouth
a little, he hits a rock and curves off the road past the construction.
He gets out and walks. Come across a girl with a flat tire.
Helps her with tire. They get inside her car and try and start it,
it doesn’t start, the battery is dead. They start to make out,
lights come in through the window. It’s the truck with the shark thing.
She knows the guys driving the truck. They get in back with the creature
and wait holding hands, she takes his hand. She’s a little desperate.
They drive back to one of those ghettos near the beach you
always see. When they get there a dinner’s been set of fish.
They sit down. One of the guys asks the girl who the guy is, as
if he’d just noticed he was there. She tells him he’s some guy
with her. After dinner they go back to her room and proceed to
undress etc. She has no nipples and when he opens her pants,
no vagina etc. When he looks over the shark thing is in the door
just poking it’s head in and staring. Then in comes one of the guys naked,
but also with out any sexual organs. He makes for the door and the guy
makes no attempt to stop him. As he runs out the back we see the girl
and the guy in ecstasy as the shark thing sleeps in the door way.


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