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it’s a good idea if your gonna do graffitti to have something to say.
I went out and spray painted some stuff black tonight and did some drawing.
At first the shit i did sucked cuz I was all looking out for the cops, but around
tag 3 it all kinda chilled. the cops never come by, you gotta stake your claim
somewhere. The only problem is, after wards you just feel dumb for painting
up something and then it just looks worse than before. You gotta practice,
you gotta have a good message, other wise your just wasting people’s time.
In other news I nearly walked out of work tonight, I really wanna quit, telemarketing
sucks. I’ll probably stick out the 3 weeks at 8 an hour and then move on, find
another kitchen job, this shit sux. I went home and looked up art schools after
telemarketing. Yeah, it’s that bad that even something as worthless as art
school seems appealing after being on the phone all night. I never wanted to
go to art school before, but it seems like the perfect antidote to telemarketing’s
bling. Might have an article with Sleazenation. Should be getting GRE results soon.
Cell phone bill is big… again. Gotta switch plans. Getting tired earlier and
earlier these days. PUSH Night is going well, picking up Jan and Thomas April 30th.
Travis is driving them back down. Liza and Stewart broke up. Making new tracks.
here’s a couple previews:


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