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A tourist from C goes to a forgien county, We’ll call the country H.
While over there the tourist sees a bar band play their local
music. The tourist comes back and proclaims to friends
about how great the musicians over there are.
A rearcher from C is studying the music of H. The
researcher knows that few people in H can actually play
it’s music right anymore. So busy are the people in H
that they’ve lost much of their music.
The tourist goes back over to H which friends from C.
C is a county not unlike America. One of the friends
play some riffs from Open Up and Bleed. Notcing the
tourists re-act to it, the band in H starts to play some
of C’s music. The tourists leave, but the people in H
keep playing the music from C.
Receiving recordings from an insitution in H,
the researcher in C conintues to analzye the music
of H. The music of C becomes bigger in H till
hardly anyone plays the music of H anymore.
When the tourists come back over, their glad
to hear the music of C in H. Eventually
the researcher gets wind of this and begins to
play the music of H, only the researcher isn’t
proficient as a musician and muddies the scales
and ruins the timings. Regardless, it catches
on. The music of H becomes the music of C.
When the tourists go back over there disapointed
to not hear the music of h in h. I forget where this
is going.

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