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A tourist from C goes to a forgien county, We’ll call the country H.
While over there the tourist sees a bar band play their local
music. The tourist comes back and proclaims to friends
about how great the musicians over there are.
A rearcher from C is studying the music of H. The
researcher knows that few people in H can actually play
it’s music right anymore. So busy are the people in H
that they’ve lost much of their music.
The tourist goes back over to H which friends from C.
C is a county not unlike America. One of the friends
play some riffs from Open Up and Bleed. Notcing the
tourists re-act to it, the band in H starts to play some
of C’s music. The tourists leave, but the people in H
keep playing the music from C.
Receiving recordings from an insitution in H,
the researcher in C conintues to analzye the music
of H. The music of C becomes bigger in H till
hardly anyone plays the music of H anymore.
When the tourists come back over, their glad
to hear the music of C in H. Eventually
the researcher gets wind of this and begins to
play the music of H, only the researcher isn’t
proficient as a musician and muddies the scales
and ruins the timings. Regardless, it catches
on. The music of H becomes the music of C.
When the tourists go back over there disapointed
to not hear the music of h in h. I forget where this
is going.

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Well Anna broke up with me or some such, yeah that was it. Continue to be haunted by this sense of deja vu, like something hides behind the corner. When Jen and I split way back when I was 19 I had this too and it didn’t come to anything. It’s weird to realize you’ve seen an e-mail before, been somewhere before, etc., but unsure becuase ya realize you saw it before like you knew your were gonna end up there. Got job delivering pizza, had a query ansewered by Sleazenation. in general doing fine.

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