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several dreams last night can’t remember. but they were there. I’ve been dreaming a lot as of late.

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outside of the buldings are eggs. White, sleepy, in shells they begin crawl. This wasn’t in the dream. In the dream I’m out by this post-modern buliding, it’s a mall that been cracked so it slants upwards into the sky. I’m out with some people and we’re all trying to surf, only I’m not. Anna’s not there so I begin to walk the beach becuase somehow I know she’s down there. I run into her and her dad only I’ve never meet her dad so I have no idea what he’s like. They’ve just finished surfing so I’m not going to be able to surf. On the way back her dad tells me that she’s crazy about me. I think about marrying her.
Earlier today she broke up with me again. In Public’s with Darren I call Liza and tell her she needs to leave. She needs to, she talks to much and says Travis loves her, I call him and he doesn’t love her. Anna calls and breaks up with me again and says my motivations are all fucked. I call Darren and he’s not there, I call someone else, then I call Lane and he’s not there. I call Amanda and she says I’m cold sometimes, but she doesn’t doubt my motives then Lane tells me some things about Anna. Amanda makes me feel better, as if I shouldn’t stop my self-serviving helping of others etc. I call Liza, but she hangs up or something and punches numbers into the answering machine. The deja vu is getting closer, after Alex’s party I come home and play Zelda, but somehow break the trance. Somethign is going to happen, I know it. Over the phone I tell Anna I love her and that she’s the best thing that’s happened to me, but she doesn’t take it. Her brother gets a bad feeling out of me. That’s bullshit, but she’s young. I throw the canvas I’ve been working on for two days on the floor. When I turn around it’s fine, the canvas has become art. Somehow in the midst of all this I’ve procuded a work of art. Amanda stops and says are you alright. Come home to Jecie who asks is I want my birthday song. I don’t want it, and explode with all the things I feel towards Liza and Anna right now. I feel alright, but something is happening. I know now not to true my deja vu again. I call Laura earlier in the evening and ask if she wants to come out, but she’s not there.


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the story

a lot of stories have been occuring to me as of late. Had one last night, but forgot. Here’s another
one that occured to me. There’s something I’m supposed to be doing today, but can’t remember.
The shark needs to be flattened out a little, need something that makes it different from what it

a guy gets fired, or something like it.
Drives to the beach and ends up behind a truck
with something that looks like a shark. Can’t quite
see what it is so he keeps creeping closer. When
he finally gets close enuff flashed the high beams and
the shark like thing looks at him and opens its mouth
a little, he hits a rock and curves off the road past the construction.
He gets out and walks. Come across a girl with a flat tire.
Helps her with tire. They get inside her car and try and start it,
it doesn’t start, the battery is dead. They start to make out,
lights come in through the window. It’s the truck with the shark thing.
She knows the guys driving the truck. They get in back with the creature
and wait holding hands, she takes his hand. She’s a little desperate.
They drive back to one of those ghettos near the beach you
always see. When they get there a dinner’s been set of fish.
They sit down. One of the guys asks the girl who the guy is, as
if he’d just noticed he was there. She tells him he’s some guy
with her. After dinner they go back to her room and proceed to
undress etc. She has no nipples and when he opens her pants,
no vagina etc. When he looks over the shark thing is in the door
just poking it’s head in and staring. Then in comes one of the guys naked,
but also with out any sexual organs. He makes for the door and the guy
makes no attempt to stop him. As he runs out the back we see the girl
and the guy in ecstasy as the shark thing sleeps in the door way.


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From: Andrew Jones
Date: Sat Apr 19, 2003 1:14:07 AM US/Eastern
Subject: RE: the matrix returns – Re: nettime-l-digest V1 #1134

Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 07:53:02 -0800
Subject: RE: the matrix returns

— Original Message —
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 00:18:29 -0400
From: Francis Hwang
To: nettime
Subject: the matrix returns
Reply-To: Francis Hwang

It would be best not to look deeply under the hood, ideologically
speaking, and simply enjoy The Matrix films for what they are: Mildly
entertaining catalogues of CGI innovation. (Or at least that much can be
said for the first one; we’ll see how well the 2nd & 3rd do.) Certainly,
if you’re teaching an Intro to Philosophy course you’d do well to draw
Matrix into your class discussion — above all, keep your students’
attention — but does the film truly reward such analysis?

The Matrix is definitely one of the most innovative films to hit the big
screen (how is that for a Hollywood cliché). In all seriousness, The Matrix
is one of the few films combining several stories and philosophies with
impressive special effects.

Some of the stories that are immediately obvious are Bondage — Moses freeing
his people from slavery “You have been born into bondage,” says Morpheous;
the coming of Christ to save the world; and “Tumbling down the rabbit whole”
– — Alice in Wonderland. Other not so obvious stories can also be found,
like Plato’s quest for knowledge is actually part of an analysis that can
be read on the matrix website.

These stories are also complemented by small hints to poststructural writings.
Baudrillard’s book on simulcra is Neo’s favorite place for hiding his ‘fixes.’
And an actual line from Baudrillard is used by Morpheous “Welcome to the
desert of the real.” (personally, I think he should’ve said ‘dessert’, but
that would have been a Bill And Ted’s phrase and too close to home for Mr.

As smart as The film is, it is not culturally enriching. It is a vehicle
for the commercialization of important ideas — ideas like Nietzche’s philosophy
on Language being a compromising structure for people not to kill each other,
or simply a structure of lies that helps us live in self-deception (sounds
like the wonderful program the machines used to plug-in humans, eh?). The
biggest problem I have with the film is that its aim is not to promote,
reconsider or reinvest in the very philosophies it supports itself with,
but rather it exhausts these out — sucking the life out of them to develop
a slick commercial product. It turns important ideas into fast-food for
mass consumerism. It is doing what commercialism does best, produce for
the sake of consumption. Although there is plenty of interesting material
to work with when critiquing such realm (Warhol knew this very well), the
Wachowsky brothers preferred to take ‘the blue pill.’

People should expect no less from Hollywood — their aim is to produce
entertainment, not diversify culture.

Eduardo Navas

Was I the only person who thought The Matrix was going
to be William Gibson like, and discovered it to be a mostly
boring action film? Hadn’t really thought about how the world
of the matrix takes in all these different philosophies, but
is knowing Baudrillard really that much of an achievement
in this day and age? And for that matter sucking the life out
of Baudrillard isn’t a bad thing to do, and to some extent
neither is it with Neitzsche. While both thinkers of great
weight, perhaps their reception into popular culture will
help spur some new thoughts.



From: Andrew Jones
Date: Fri Apr 18, 2003 3:13:17 PM US/Eastern
To:, funbalaya ,, Chris Mendez , Lisa Cericola
Subject: the duck

it’s all there

Andrew Jones
514 Wavecrest Dr.
Orlando, FL, 32807
“Anyone seeking a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted.”
– Mark Twain


From: Andrew Jones
Date: Fri Apr 18, 2003 3:01:06 PM US/Eastern
To: Inda Luciano ,, Lisa Cericola
Subject: stuff

it’s all about Japan




aww man,fuck the stuff you’ve heard of mine on schematic!!!!all that shit is actually 3 years old,and i was just learning how to use my PC becuz my 4-trakk bRoKe,and i had no other choice but to finance a gateway PC(thats all they make i guess)////before hand i released stuff on public eyesore,american tapes,and white tapes(jon olsen from wolf eyes’ label,and russ from NY:no-wave labels…….)alot of  “noise” and improv mic shit,destroyed gear,and toys)….

do ya’ dig wolf eyes??????if you”ve never heard of them i have to bring a copy for you…they rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but my new stuff i am actually at peace with(i always hate my stuff cuz i’m my worst fuckin’ critic)………………………………………………i will definately give you a CD of my free-ass shit that will eventually be put out on schematic on the condition(dont think i’m a retardo)that you dont MP3 it for on-line sharing)……ONLY BECUZ: about 6 songs from my upcoming album are already being shared becuz i always used to give out some CDs after my show to anyone who appreciated itFrom: Andrew Jones

>To: “Dino Felipe”

>Subject: Re: provosizo

>Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 17:49:02 -0400


>Actually what I’ve been doing is writing my own little synths in

>supercollider for improvisation for about 2 years. I’m not that good


>it, but that’s where my noise comes from. I’m thinking of using

>GDAM and loops to play some gigs in the future. For about a year and


>I had a weekly improv. night up here in Orlando. If ya wanna trade


>sounds of anything that would be cool. I like your stuff. Burn ya a

>cd in the

>near future.






>On Friday, April 18, 2003, at 05:30 PM, Dino Felipe wrote:


>>cool!/you like to improvise!great!/ / /


>>i like improvising especially also,but with instruments…right now

>>i dont really have any software i feel comfortable improvising



>>i dont know,i heard about that conference,but dont know anything

>>about it.


>>i will check out the tracks/and we will do a swap-off in orlando



>>take care:D




>> >From: Andrew Jones


>> >To: “Dino Felipe”


>> >Subject: Re: Neuvo track, A. Jones Pier at 50


>> >Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 01:39:11 -0400


>> >


>> >I’m doing an album with Tom Smith of Ohne (the mego noise group).


>> >Aside from that I’m working on some other stuff. Have you heard



>> >glitchy little


>> >number I did with Casey Childs?


>> >


>> >Some of my other earlier improv work is at:


>> >


>> >By the time you get here I should have 2-3 songs ready.


>> >yeah, let’s trade. What’s with this idm conference in Juno


>> >Otto is due at the next day? Who all is playing?


>> >


>> >cool,


>> >A







>>STOP MORE SPAM with the new MSN 8 and get 2 months FREE*

>Andrew Jones

>514 Wavecrest Dr.

>Orlando, FL, 32807



>”Anyone seeking a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted.”

>- Mark Twain

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work and absence of

The guy across from me in the cubicle looks like Dustin Hoffman, has that kind of air about him, and wears a pair of those really cool reading glasses they sell in West Palm that are like 15 different colors all pressed into one tacky little package. He’s my hero, if I end up working here more than a month, I know I’ll end up like him. Darren is gone for off being a jewish as he puts it. Remarking something about how he’s gonna make his girlfriend a few, and generally saying things that make me feel like I should be anti-semitic. Add to this, it’s pass-over and we’re calling households asking them to take vacation and ever Rubenstein on the list is naturally pissed at you, you’d think the gentiles that run Hilton would think to make some considerations to making us less asshole like. Paris and Nicky must need cash bad to be pawning hotel registery information for timeshare telemarketing. Perhaps their plastic surgery bills are finally coming in. It’s day four and I’ve sold nothing. The guy next to me is doing alright, the jaded middle age guy is obviously doing well on his second day and several managers come by to compliment him and generally make him aware he’s a genuis of the telemarketing game. I listen to his conversation wondering what makes him good, but all he does is talk and his game doesn’t seem forgien, just refined. The 35 year old next to me is doing fine, so many years in the game she sounds like your grandmother when she calls and drives a yellow cadoliac with hydraluicis to work. She’s my favorite out of the bunch, a little attractive, very personable, and a little weird, she sells timeshare well. The guy younger than me they also hired has managed to sell a few packages, maybe one a day, he seems happy with what he’s doing today. None of the closing folks come by my cubicle and pull their fucking box them in type of shit which they do with the other folks. Lunch I pull out a thai salad and sit around on a table while the other folks smoke by the stairs. The first days of telemarketing sucked, I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I didn’t know till I got into it that I’d also so thoroughly object to it. Around day 3 most of these objections pass and you get angry at all the assholes out there that don’t buy your shit, you do work for comission after all. You forget your the total ass that’s fucking working for a form of advertising that only reaches 3-4% of those called, and bothers 600 at dinner, on their private lines, and eats up their cellphone minutes, all for the ludcrious shot at selling 150 dollars worth of vacation time. This is complicated by the fact that your selling vacation spots that come with a mandatory time share tour, which is in fact a manadatory we lock you in a conference room and turn up the heat while you squirm and we try and make you buy timeshare type of thing. This actually happens, out of the 1800 people I talked to in 4 days, 3 had gone on the Hilton vacation w/ timeshare tour and all reported that such hard sell tactics we definitely in use. At 8:00 p.m. Iris, the seriously fucked in the heard woman training me, calls me into the office. Before they can even speak I give them two weeks notice, Irisis says she doesn’t want me to work two more weeks, they want me to leave now. I load up my coat, say good bye to the 35 year old grandmother next to me who seems ambivalent, and leave. I call Darren and tell him I quit or they let me go or whatever you wanna call it. Everyone seems miserable in timeshare, the older better ones are all jaded asses that are pretty cool guys, and then their’s Irisis who intensly focuses normality and cheer for all of 3 minutes before looking like she’s about to explode from whatever pyschotic predicament her mind is caught in. Mind, I got a pyschocitic predicament too, but her’s seem to have ballooned like an intense with a butt plug and is always ready to burst. Her self-assuring self-help mantras seem like good help, but she seems to mistake her real mood for the little phrases she passes to herself day to day. It’s all fucked up in other words. When I get home I head out to Sheshe’s to give her the new Otto CD, talk to Rhet and Laura for a second, and then head out to the beach after swining by stardust. I never make it to the beach, preferring just to drive and by Dorritos on along the way, on the way back I get caught behind a truck that looks like it’s hauling the bodies of dead sharks. A story occurs to me and I go home to write it. I’m going to make a script out of it and send it in into Augenblick studios. Maybe that will make me some money.


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it’s a good idea if your gonna do graffitti to have something to say.
I went out and spray painted some stuff black tonight and did some drawing.
At first the shit i did sucked cuz I was all looking out for the cops, but around
tag 3 it all kinda chilled. the cops never come by, you gotta stake your claim
somewhere. The only problem is, after wards you just feel dumb for painting
up something and then it just looks worse than before. You gotta practice,
you gotta have a good message, other wise your just wasting people’s time.
In other news I nearly walked out of work tonight, I really wanna quit, telemarketing
sucks. I’ll probably stick out the 3 weeks at 8 an hour and then move on, find
another kitchen job, this shit sux. I went home and looked up art schools after
telemarketing. Yeah, it’s that bad that even something as worthless as art
school seems appealing after being on the phone all night. I never wanted to
go to art school before, but it seems like the perfect antidote to telemarketing’s
bling. Might have an article with Sleazenation. Should be getting GRE results soon.
Cell phone bill is big… again. Gotta switch plans. Getting tired earlier and
earlier these days. PUSH Night is going well, picking up Jan and Thomas April 30th.
Travis is driving them back down. Liza and Stewart broke up. Making new tracks.
here’s a couple previews:


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working telemarketing now. talked to anna, went by liza and travis’
travis called later, sounded ok. flier around. watched matrix tv spots,
mildly impress. not a fan of matrix, new movie looks ok. stopped
by Sheshe to drop off fliers, hoping to catch Laura for a second.
So many girls these days. Jecie’s drunk, gotta go smoke.


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A tourist from C goes to a forgien county, We’ll call the country H.
While over there the tourist sees a bar band play their local
music. The tourist comes back and proclaims to friends
about how great the musicians over there are.
A rearcher from C is studying the music of H. The
researcher knows that few people in H can actually play
it’s music right anymore. So busy are the people in H
that they’ve lost much of their music.
The tourist goes back over to H which friends from C.
C is a county not unlike America. One of the friends
play some riffs from Open Up and Bleed. Notcing the
tourists re-act to it, the band in H starts to play some
of C’s music. The tourists leave, but the people in H
keep playing the music from C.
Receiving recordings from an insitution in H,
the researcher in C conintues to analzye the music
of H. The music of C becomes bigger in H till
hardly anyone plays the music of H anymore.
When the tourists come back over, their glad
to hear the music of C in H. Eventually
the researcher gets wind of this and begins to
play the music of H, only the researcher isn’t
proficient as a musician and muddies the scales
and ruins the timings. Regardless, it catches
on. The music of H becomes the music of C.
When the tourists go back over there disapointed
to not hear the music of h in h. I forget where this
is going.

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Well Anna broke up with me or some such, yeah that was it. Continue to be haunted by this sense of deja vu, like something hides behind the corner. When Jen and I split way back when I was 19 I had this too and it didn’t come to anything. It’s weird to realize you’ve seen an e-mail before, been somewhere before, etc., but unsure becuase ya realize you saw it before like you knew your were gonna end up there. Got job delivering pizza, had a query ansewered by Sleazenation. in general doing fine.

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the anna

Jecie sez she’s young and interested in anyone, you girls are trouble, they are. She’s definitely got something going with Phil. Liza thinks the the other way, you got that girl she says. kissed her in front of Phil, which made me feel better, but still she held back, I don’t know, young girls are trouble. Have an interview at a pizza place in a second for delivery driver. feeling alright, some days lose it all and have to build back up, DJ’n April 10th, cleaning out car for Jelinek, have show tonight, no surfing which sucks. I gotta be at that Pizza in a second.


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