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Went out with Anna last night and it was fun. We connected, kissed her, supposed to call her today, but no time with Kelly in town and having to do a set. All today pissed off at Mike Welch for being a dick. Claims he’s gonna boycott The Wire because I asked him for a drummer’s name, thinks I’m gonna smear him I geuss. He’s a dick and totally fucking pyscho. Keep imagining the old fuck showing up tonight at Boddhies and having to yell at him, there’s no way I can take him, but maybe in group or force. Fucking drummer could clock me out with like 3 punches at most, I wouldn’t even scrape him. To much stress for complete bullshit, fucking pyscho prick ass fucks. Working on set for tonight, messing with bass tones, Bill keeps e-mailing about writing an article on emit for Xlr8r, but I have no pull with them, and I’ve explained I send a pitch to Vivian and she decides what gets printed. Bastard, just calm down, I can’t make you famous. That aside got my article into The Wire and The Weekly, everything seems cool on those fronts, but ya never know when those pricks will e-mail back asking for a re-write. Kelly is crashing at my place, he’s cool, stoner, has a lot of good stories. Pete Barber hasn’t called back. Yesterday me and Anna went by Lisa and Travis’ to swim, eventually Liza got in the pool and had fun with Travis, we played fetch the circuit breaker w/ the breaker we got at the lab, some bastard drove by real slow and made a call on his cell so when we heard cars coming we jumped the fence and headed back to Anna’s car. Bleed from smashing another window, it took a few minutes for the blood to seep through my shirt. Rent check went through, getting check from Weekly in near future. Shelley Hirsch down in Miami was fun, it rained the entire way. Stayed in West Palm with Joe’s parents. Cool, but very rich town. Joe’s parents seemed nice. She seemed only mildly crazy compared tomany mothers, called his sister in Australia, saw a picture of the beautiful ex-wife. Wondered around the yard, she has bushes planted with flagrant flowers, adds a nice touch. Very lived house, built in 20s, next to a couple mega-mansions. Ate at Tap Tap in Miami. Live Haitin music. Spagehetti and fish sucked, but Joe’s dish was cool. Back to working on my set.


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