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March 12, 2003 at 2:00 am Leave a comment

So she calls around 4 p.m. and just wants to talk and then later that night tells me I’m her best friend which is weird cuz most of her close friends are either girls or really effemiate men, but Travis is cool and so is Rumolo so I fit into that category. Lisa doesn’t have a job and Travis calls and he sounds like he’s about to cry. Earlier in the day Gustavo calls and we conduct our interview. Some time around 5 the gay thing finally breaks and I’m ok with it and it passes, and everything comes back around to what it used to be, just normal. I like girls and when I’m horny even the worst of the bunch is incomparable. Me and Laura hang out, but we don’t really click and she and matt ames seem to get along just fine. I walk her back to her house and she says we drive the same which laura starcher said too. I get in the car after peacock and blast Iggy Pop for the first time in awhile for a reason that doesn’t relate to why he wrote that song. It’s just good music and his absurd croon is just an absurd croon, no empty passions or pent up trying to fuck myself over thing. Going to buy a Macintosh Portable for hopefully less than nothing. Checks need to come rolling in, my Weekly check is due later this week. Got my last OCPS app in so hopefully they’ll be calling soon. Did I mention the saw? My roommate has a huge saw that’s left on the counter, as I walk by I kept thinking yesterday of sawing one of my arms off, some knee jerk nihilistic reaction. I hate nihilism. More or less the neurotic has come to full front with my telling my all. It’s nice to confess. My mom calls and I call her back. Weirdly we’re on better terms on, I’ve always hated my mom. I don’t know if staying with her is a good idea though, she seems like a bitch. Lisa wants to write a novel and I’m reminded of the short story I began after so much time to finally begin writing. Doing some sci-fi which I’m going to sell to some sci-fi fiction magazine. $200.00 per story. Wrote some reviews out at Peacock while Cory played. Talked to Alexa for a moment. A good day all in all. Need to call GRE people tomorrow. Need to move too, for some reason the subtle living with Jecie thing is starting to suck. Uploaded a track to Sal Randolph’s new label. She’s happy with the track, although I’m not sure if she gets it. Like many art types she seems more impassioned with ideas that actuality. This new mac mailing list I’m on is incredible. I’ll be able to get my hyper-card-stack animation idea rolling in no time. Set up Molr Drammaz show.


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