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Yup, their both gay and we’re at this italian restraurant were all the boys are like 16, long haired, and a little buff. Dave says to Andrew Y., “get thee to a nunnery,” as one of the boys walks by. It doesn’t bother me though, and the 16 year old heart throb waiting on us looks a little weirded out by the attention he’s getting. Seems like a nice kid probably getting all weird becuase of this attention, as if years from now this what he’s going to tell his therapist before he goes home to his boyfriend or something. Dave swats at Andrew Y. when he checks out a girl, “I saw that,” he says. We do the interview over lunch and half the bill goes on my card. Andrew’s flying out to New York tomorrow to play his residency up there, turns out the N.Y. Times mistakeningly attributed Rat Bastard’s roof top noise making to him in the article they wrote on the Miami art scene. Andrew just does funk, he dressed like a thrift store rat and talks about funk 45, David does some minimal latin percussion with electronics, both of them are friends with the schematic guys.
I call Otto on the way down there and discover he has the coolest voice mail ever. An annoying little voice pops up and says, “This is my voice mail,” and sings repeatly, “leave a message.” We part ways after lunch and I head over to the Bass Mueseum to interview Gustavo. Another long haired latin American guy goes by on roller blades, a cute asian girl all decked out for the gallery is washing her car outside of the bass. On closer inspection she turns out to be around 30, and probably more latin than asian.
The Bass is holding a Yayio Kusama retrospective and Gustavo is setting up for his sub-tropics event there tonight. He’s not there and apparently his car died in the street so the manager had to give him a jump. I call his studio, but his assitant or girlfriend or wife doesn’t pick up, I leave a message and head over to Edward’s.
It takes awhile to find Ed’s apartment which is in a part of town I’ve never been to before. I drive through ghetto to ghetto till I arrive at what looks like a portion of New York or Hong Kong transplatned in the tropics. Electronics stores are everywhere, I feel like I’m in London. Edward lives in a housing project that’s a converted office building. It’s a really nice space. Omar aka Supersoul shares a tiny one bedroom apartment with him. In the main room is Omar’s set-up, a big mixer, a mac laptop, some turntables, and piles of records. Omar sells over a 1,000 copies of each releases, so these records don’t stay around long. He’s on the phone most of the interview talking with Danny Domingeuz at counterflow, trying to convince him to pay 1/2 the air fare on some ex-con and rapper he knows who just got out after 8 years. He seems to think this is the next big thing for counterflow. Despite the apartment’s size gear is strung everywhere, a moog liberation is propped up next to a wall (Ed’s), plus a few other moogs. My recorder runs out 3 minutes into the interview so Ed gets his mp3 player and records his long teneous monologues to his mp3 device. We sit around and talk a bit while the mp3 player goes into the stereo. He has about 20 cds for me plus another 2-3 from Omar whose now going through a voluminous e-mail account answering questions from distributors and setting up shows. While the mp3 player is burning to cd we go out to some Cuban coffee joint that looks like it’s been through a hurricane and a snowstorm, the people included. They don’t bother to charge me tax on coffee or cigarettes and Ed, in one of his over the top I love Miami moments, says, “You see this is what Needle’s about.” I want to cringe then leave, but the coffee’s cheap and I need a cigarette. Ed’s got a new label that looks promising, I talk to Omar when he gets back and he seems to understand the ins and outs of journalism better than Ed. He knows that I can’t do him any favors, that’s all about pitching and such. “It’s a cool job though,” he concludes. Even selling 1,000 plus copies of each release he’s still in a New York size apartment with a 50 year old avant-electronics guy whose about to make it after 20 years of recording, even though both know that making it in those circles means getting flown all over the world so naive electroinca heads can loose money on your show. Ed has a $10.00 check from the art museum on his desk, but as far as I can tell that’s about all he does. Andrew Y. and Dave are both professional musicians, Omar lives off his label. Everyone in Miami seems to be doing fine.
With my recorded full I call Gustavo and leave a message telling him I’m gonna interview him by phone. I have 2 hours of words to transcribe, about a week’s worth of work, plus about 30 more cds. I arrive home around 1 a.m. to find out another emo rock magazine sent me a pile of completely useless promo.s some of which I’ve reviewed before for other mags. Still need to get my stuff out to Dusted. I don’t think I’m gonna bother with Losing Today unless the emo rock turns out to be really good. I gotta go buy a tape recorder.

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