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I didn’t want to go t Peacock by myself so I called Terry. We got stoned in the car and went to Wilfongs. Meet some girl and got her number. Show was alright. I wanna try and take over Locust Projects with some Orlando stuff. I’m tired. Went by Peacock, saw Kevin play. They were real good. Talked to Matt Gourney for a second, nothing much. Talked to Ilyana, going over to fix her computer. Wants my thoughts on her art. Good stuff, with the popular juxtaposion, where the image seems an icon that creates a difference between the sorrundings. Calls attention to the images, makes you aware of semoitic and how infused the sign is in our lives, etc. Talked to someone else too. Fred left to chase Sheila. Wished Laura showed up for some reason. Went home, ran into roommate and her boyfriend. Went to dinner with them at Patzio’s. good day.

I wish I could travel back and hear beefheart, when he was just beefheart. Big Eyed Beans from Venus has a way of sounding acessible, yet beefheart. It’s like acid somehow, with an energy all it’s own. Way back yonder Don was just Don, now he’s beefheart. There’s something lost in the way that we now have Jad Fair and an industry of punk “outsiders” that are all talentless in the most unique ways, Don was not talentless, if anything he excelled in the most unusual ways, but so much of the magic band has been appropraited to the point that it’s lost part of what made it the magic band. If anything, we relentlessly pace history’s roads trout masks over our coats, making the roads that were not meant to be trampled lest they loose their essence, chalks of concrete suitable for anyone to travel over. The post-modern is not an enigma, but a movement that rips enigmas from the systems that made them nosferatu, and turns them into begin cartoons unable to draw blood. It makes me feel like I should start a band, not to mix and match, but to yell with the voices that inhabit us all in frownland.


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