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I’ve been noticing as of late the high proposenity of attractive women around me. I walked into Park Ave and stood next to the most beautiful girl. I said one thing to her about where is the staff in this store, which was supposed to be ironic, and she pointed to whomever was standing around finding a CD for her. That was it. On Sunday I was next to another beautiful girl, and she turned up at Fran’s party a few days later. I talked to her for a second and it was fun, at which point some guy comes in and says” I’ve been waiting for you for hours”, thinking this guy is her latest stalker I say to her, “you see the devotion your getting?” at which point he goes, “well she is my girlfriend.” It seemed like she actually delayed her entrance to the party to try and avoid him. They kissed quickly and he left. He seemed like a complete dork. Faults with her: she’s a little to cool, will probably write me off but ya never know. It’s occured to me as of late that I don’t inspire women the way other men do. In a few instances I’ve had the entranced crushee, but for the most pary only one girl I ever was involved with showed up to a show I was playing at. I only notice this, becuase at Stardust your crowd is usually girlfriends. And this does make me wonder, what element am I lacking that I’m not involved with anyone. I’ve wondered this before, and Amanda Colbenson told me I’ve had girlfriends, which is true (although none of them ever referred to me as their boyfriend), but not of the variety that stays over often and follows you to shows. I need a groupie not a girlfriend.
I feel like I’m collecting women now. Waying down what am I up to, trying to break into that scene where all the beautiful women hang out. I like arty girls, not skinny gallery rats, but the full blooded types that haunt the BBQ Bar and Backbooth. I like hipsters. I don’t know why I prefer that strain of women to others, perhaps we’re both looking for something different, maybe we grew up loving Mark Twain clay-mations (yeah E.J. that was very cute) or perhaps some wiring way down in the social-family structure, a quark in the essence of our physcology’s fired some similar way. My answer to all of this: I need to dress better. Yeah, that makes sense. I feel re-affirmed in my purpose here on Earth.


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