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me and my issues

Well I seem to be dealing better with me issues as of late. The gay thing is kinda bust, no one ever really thought I was that gay and I guess the older I get the less gay-ee I seem to be. For better or worse I’m more of a man I suppose as of late. In the end as Salman Rushdie put it, “I became my father by trying not to be.” Got my copy of my xlr8r and took a run through it for the gay thing, there’s plenty of handsome men, but men lack some erotic element women have plus men are kinda gross. Lacy told Brian I kissed her so me and Brian apparently aren’t on good terms or something. When Lace came back into my life I thought she was trying to re-kindle some romance, but she was just trying to make up for lost time. I didn’t really know about the boyfriend that much (aka I’d never met him or heard awesome things yet) when I made the move on Lace. I feel like my self-confidence has returned, and I’ve learned to regulate it. I am still pissed off at Pat Green though. Really disugsted at this entire anti-valentine’s day vibe going around. My last Valentine didn’t turn out that well, but it’s still nice to ask someone out and ya know do things. You can’t be that serious about romance, you have to love several at once, and those several deserve to be loved or cherished ot shagged when drunk. I don’t think Laura Lasley is a good valentine, she doesn’t care, I’m not that interested in her, and I just don’t think she’d have a good time going out with me a for night. I’m basicly valentine-less, should have talked to that girl at IDM Night, but I think she was there with her boyfriend. I get tons of porn e-mail these days. It’s nice to get a girl fingering herself in your e-mail, but it’s annoying to have an e-mail account that’s nearly full all the time etc. Getting distribution has turned out harder than thought. Still no news from wrecked after they said they wanted 5 cds. Gonna e-mail them tomorrow, but for the most part they act like editors, not returning e-mails their not interested in. Trying to get some exposure for Surgery, Tundra, and Shaped Harmonics. That’s probably one of the secrets of distribution, to get good reviews so they’ve heard of you before hand. Gonna throw another pitch at Vivian.


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