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Well I managed to smoke my throat into submission. Moving in w/ Jecie day 3 and I’m sick. Anyway, Miguel left his contacts sheets in my car in Miami so I now have Alan Licht’s number. Pat and I are calling him to see if he wants to come down and play. My stomach just hit empty so I’m nauseous. This happened while I typed. Jecie is fun to live with, she sings all night and is on a lot of medication. I hadn’t really seen her as a prescription drug freak, but there’s a good amount of Xani in her everyday. She always dates stoners I geuss I hadn’t put the two together. It’s a pretty functional relationship except when I give her this I’m gonna rip your clothes off and have sex with you right now type of look, she’s a pretty girl and says some funny shit. Her boyfriend is nice with his “B Humble,” license plate and his bohemian bar owner life style. I’d love to have his money, his girlfriend, and other things, but I could do w/o the licenese plate and uselessness of having stumbled into the profitable business of running a college bar before I’m even thirty. He seems to lack any real intellectual or humanitarian interests that might make his extradoniary free-time somehow matter in the long run. Like for instance buying tickets to Cuba right now that are for some date several years in advance, that way when Castro knocks off and plane fairs skyrocket as entrepenuers rush to open the first casino and import cigars, your plane tickets will suddenly be worth thousands more than before, or maybe just writing a screenplay or something. He might be writing a screenplay actually, he seems to have this notebook with him at all times. What was I thinking? My head’s all foggy from throat/ congestion. My biggest concern with Jecie is to not develop a crush on her. Crushes A. suck and B. get you nowhere, except when their on a famous nymphomaniac then you might get something out of it. Well there’s a pleasure to the crush which I have, I mean as I’ve said before there’s several girls I’m interested in, I guess I have small crushes on them, an admiration of their movement and conversation, a desire to go home with them, yet all of them are in some way taken. It’s just a waiting game =)
Jesus, I can’t keep track of what I’m writing anymore. My head’s spinning. Time for soup.


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ending out lichted

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