two days

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You generally don’t write in these things when you have to much going on or everything is going well.
Basicly spent the last two days touring with Kid606. After his Orlando show me and Fred met him for lunch and then drove him down to Miami. Played the contortions for him because he said he’d never heard the cortoins. In Miami we drove past club revolver three times becuase it’s in an un-marked building in the middle of this run down area. Pit Bulls guard the building. Neddle is a complete asshole. Very nice club once you get inside. Stephen Castro from Beta was there so talked to him for awhile. Rumolo of Phoencia was there too. He’s basicly fucked up all the time. Miguel is strangely in touch with his feminine side pronoucing things like “Oh, I bet he’s a sweetheart, etc,” yet somehow projecting a masculine air. Odd becuase on last day began to have one of those emotionally frail moments where I feel gay, but still like girls type of things. Aside from that no major problems and had a lot of fun. Josh who holds club revolver ever Friday grosses around 3-4k a night from it in an un-marked club that’s 4 stories tall. About 3-500 people showed up, they had Miguel aka kid606 off by 2:00 and turned the whole thing into an eighties night/ garage rock set. Tom Ward totally kicks the ass of those DJs down there. He should send a mix cd to Josh. Anyway odd experience. We got free drinks and food all night just for driving Miguel down, no attempt made to buisness conscious, the money flows so hard into this club they treat you like kings, once Josh found out I wrote for Xlr8r the bouncer fucking was calling me by name. Very odd experience. Gabe of m3rck didn’t show up. Around 5 Kid606 bought us breakfast/ dinner at IHOP and we drove him to the airport so he could make his show in at Tonic in New York. Apparently he only listens to demos given to him on the road. Stephen is booking Nophi at infilitrate this year, our split record with him is happening, and Miguel talked a lot of shit about Rumolo, and frankly I like Phoencia, but I gotta admit Rumolo didn’t impress me although he was flocked over by girls. Me and Miguel agreed this one asian girl was easily the most attractive woman there. Didn’t get to dance with anyone. Holly didn’t call about Tampa, maybe she will later. EJ just called. Just woke after getting home at 7 a.m. Miami was fun, I hope Xlr8r picks up my pitches on Revolver. Josh is very nice, I’m looking forward to infilitrate. Sold Yip-Yip cds. Might sell more later this week. Moving in with Jessie tomorrow. So busy. Article due monday, swap meet sunday.


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