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Dave Gillispe looks in the mirror and says, “Fuck I look hideous,” and I laugh. That’s just never occured to me. It’s funny how ya know butch “guy guys” can be such little girls. I worry about people who go to the gym.
Subbed a class out at Winter Springs high school. Lots of little girls dressed like older girls running around, doing art in the art class. It was kinda fun. I sat around, told them to be quiet, told them to draw animals, and surfed the internet all day… and they paid me for this. Aside from that the first grade class I subbed awhile back came into the art class and I had fun with those fucking bastards. Their totally out of control, but that’s the only reason their enjoyable. I like telling the kids to deal with their problems themselves. I mean they need to stand up to each other instead of getting me to baby sit. I think I’m going to be responsible for many fist fights when they hit middle school, on a subconscious level at least. Moving in with Jecie Bradbury, who was very sad when I ran into her last night, and was organizing her garage. I find her very attractive for some reason even though John Hardy says she’s over chirpy and Mike Sager fucking hates her. We have a confidentiality agreement going which I’m trying not to break even though I usually break those things and tell someone something I shouldn’t. 90% of the time they already knew. Direct Connecting with Tom and Kelly, sharing mp3s and getting some good stuff out of the deal. Stress level is high and I can’t deal with other people’s shit anymore. They suck and I can’t fucking talk to them. For some reason brooding on my problems seems very masculine to me, ya know like ignoring them and pretending they’ll go away kinda sucks. I find a very solid base in problems, and not letting them bother me. Somehow being brooding is my nature, I need it, that murk of a problem. Not a bad problem, but something to fixate on and keep my mind from expanding into other things. With out a problem the base of my being comes into jeprody. I feel like fifth graders these days aren’t as mature as I felt in fifth grade but it’s a whole different world now. They have call signs they pavolini teach these kids and I try to get them to not obey them, to be themselves. I like giving out the good awards to the kids who snitch the least. I fucking hate these kids… I wish they’d fucking burn the school down and go home. Nora was home schooled, and she turned out fine. my mom’s on the phone. gotta go.


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