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January 14, 2003 at 11:57 am Leave a comment

Well Randy cursed out Adam Gersten of Must!Delecious today which is totally absurd. I mean were both fucking not-for-profit labels. What the fuck is going on? Randy was very nice to Jesse aka 09 on the phone when he called to tell him he sold the record we’d already partially paid for to schematic, but then he fucking turns around and curses at Adam threatening him with some fucking law suit. Anyway Otto and Dino are playing up here in May with Travis aka Machine Drum opening and maybe Randy. Wanted to throw Nigel and Yip-Yip in front of those guys, but looks like we’re already booked for that one. Hoping to get Nigel in front of Hrvatski. Why is this a business when we’re not making money? Schematic is the only idm label making money in Florida (beta and merck are both non-profit). Anyway, got the article on Merck for Xlr8r plus the french gore magazine gig. Have to find a copy of Juon to review. EJ’s new boyfriend seems a better fit for her, he’s more supportive of her stuff. Dj’n with Amanda at the social on Wednesday. Allen’s new record is good. Making drop sheets for nophi.


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What have I been up to? Fucker… Today’s Work

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