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Ok so just sa ya know Randy has a live journal. Now I just need to find Fred’s…
Here’s the bio I wrote for him:
Exotic beach-dweller R_Garcia (see above) was born and raised in Florida (were you?). An adolescence of Los lobos and big wheels gave the man a foundation in cruising for women, and funky beats. Two themes that have marked his life since then. In kindergarden Garcia discovered that his big wheels couldn’t compare to the more expensive models of his more popular classmates. That’s when a turning point came in Randy’s life… a turning point that we all experience to this day. Randy discovered if your in a band it’s easier to get women. What’s better, and this is the real kicker, is being a band women LIKE to dance to. These conditions led R_Garcia to early experiments with piano, drumming, and vocals sometimes while cruising for chicks on his plastic wheels.
This incredible preponderance for “babes” (to use the Garcia parlance), built up his musical abilities in a hurry. Unafraid to show a sweetly emotional side, Garcia’s music was “experimental,” compared to the more close minded projects of his contemporaries. As he classmates grew up and graduated to more expensive cars and “rock bands”, Garcia held his own by imbuing genuine funk and soul into his life and music. This lead to a stint at college studying music, learning jazz, and discovering the possibilities of the laptop. While at school he was exposed to the experimental soul of Sonic Youth, completing Garcia’s education. Randy could now cruise between melody and noise, walk the line between alienation and joy, and finally get all the bitches in one room and make them dance.

Also working on a proposal for several Florida labels:
Greetings From Florida Series
The idea here is get several electronica labels in Florida
trading materials and artists and to encourage the sharing of
talents. Here’s my idea for how to pull this off. Each label involved
puts out a 7 inch which features remixes of artists from another
label. If Merc, Must!Delicious, Beta Bodega, and Nophi all get involved
it would work out like this:

– Each label would release 3 seven inch singles.
– Each single would contain remixes of an artist from another label.
– So Must!Delicious would release 3 singles one remixing merc, one remixing beta bodega, and one remixing nophi folks.
– These would be EXTREMELY small pressing. Pressed in editions of 100 by URP in Tennesse.
– Each label would pay for their own seven inches.

I would like to place ads for these collaborations plus new releases in several major magazines (the point here to get the fucking word out to people in the U.S. to BUY THIS SHIT) Each month a new ad in a different magazine.

Xlr8r. A 1/4 page ad in Xlr8r goes for: $935. Xlr8r does run label inserts every once in awhile that are remarkabley less expensive. The insert ads run once per year in the December issue, are in full color, and are $425. The size is 3.5″ by 4.5″.
Broken down four ways: 106.25 each.

Grooves. No idea how much an ad in Grooves goes for. Sean Portney doesn’t return e-mails. Anyone know? My estimate would be $600.00 for a full page ad B&W.
Broken down four ways: 150.00 each.

The Wire. An ad in The Wire is very cheap. It’s 100 pounds for a 1/9 small add provided you pay for 3 months. Hence a total of 300 pounds approx. 600 dollars U.S. A half page ad goes for 580 pounds almost $934.66.
Broken down four ways: 233.66 each for a half page ad.

Got my app. in to the ACA for the Dave Hickey thing. Organizing a compilation for Nophi:

Hey Folks,

What’s Happening:
I’m organizing a Townies comp for Nophi. The point here is to take
your time and do something good this comp isn’t expected to be released
until early 2004. The people I’m asking to contribute are: Le Mejor
Selector, Cushin and Chugin, Machine Drum, A Girl Named Blue, Manifold
Scrap, Nigel John, The MCE, 5 Star Pattern (I’ve heard your ambient
stuff Jessica), Yip Yip, Cory Gilbert, A Scissors, and myself. A total
of 12 acts with an optional second remix cd where everyone takes
another’s track and totally skews it into abstraction. The second cd
(if your up for it) will be decided by random draw.

What I’d like to hear:
Yes, I do excruciatingly brilliant noise, but that doesn’t mean you
have to. The emphasis here is making work that is independent of the
usual repetition common in IDM. With 12 acts 5-6 minutes is our
estimate ti! me limit. Looking for tracks that hold their ground like a
solo sax or a guitar solo with out having to be wallpaper for a club or
ambient evening. The softwares we use are instruments, treat them as
instruments and not as studio racks for layering more tracks and
effects. Beats recommended for those conversant in them suggested they
bounce off center to the melody. Sending tracks back through your
synths to further process them works for me these days. Everyone
receiving this e-mail has been twiddling knobs for some time, please
don’t just rely on one good idea to carry you through, but create
several and figure out how they interlock.

When it’s due and who to contact:
If your down with doing a track for this let me know –
liminal18@mac.com. We don’t want to actually see music for this comp
till August of this year. I will be getting on your ass to finish
tracks and stuff though we don’t need to actually see stuff until
August. Nophi has one ! small distributor in the U.S. now and we’re
working towards greater exposure the world over. We pretty much have
Japanese distribution now, and European is forth coming. Let me know
what you want to do. Please forward to people who need to read this.

Recommended Listening:
Elvin Jones On the Mountain one way
Wauvenfold 3 Fold tigerstyle
Gicanto Scelsi any

I could tell you more about my life, but my thoughts are geared intirely towards making money right now. I really need to get on the cash.


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