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December 26, 2002 at 11:12 pm Leave a comment

Talked to Steven Castro today after 3 millions e-mails, and all sorts of possible failings in booking his label is Orlando. Long call. Now booking infilitrate events in Orlando and promoting them, hopefully improving the state of music in Florida etc.
Been thinking that my numerous near break downs of this year might be do to this schedule. While the issues of late have been of far greater importance than previous issues of vanity and self-esteem, it seems I spend so much time out of my self, in the world of other people. I’m projecting as my step-mother said. Keeeping the printer they gave me. Funny conversation at dinner tonight. good record shopping. Returned one xmas gift and got mc5 cd. still looking for the rapture. enjoying mc5 and ramones. really like something simple, less demanding, but mingus and coletrane still call and their racounting styles can keep my ear atuned for decades. burnt on hip-hop right now. to much for to long, ramones more fun. Might stop in Atlanta for a day. Will be home before New Years.
Peace Off Folks,

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a more stable update my mom, my new best friend

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