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“The parallel with the United States is inevitable. If all the countires in the world today must measure themselves against “America,” position themselves in relation to the American Empire, and if the other countires in America have to do so in an even more direct way- comparing their respective histories to that of their stronger and more fortunate brother-Brazil’s case is even more acute, since the mirror image is more evident and the alienation more radical. Brazil is America’s other giant, the other mleting pot of races and cultures, the other promised land to European and Asian immigrants, the Other. The double, the shadow, the negative image of the great adventure of the New World.”
– Caetano Veloso, Tropical Truth A Story of Music & Revolution in Brazil.

Woke up at 1 p.m. this Saturday after seeing Kool Keith night before. Keith was bad, similar experience to seeing Sun Ra somehow. Went by Mary-Florence and Pat’s new Gallery to see Jack Starling install his work, talked to Pat about doing my own work. Current idea is to line the room with amps plugging their output into each other’s input creating a feedback circle let’s say 8-10 amps long. This will get loud. Also would like to cover the office like interior with computer monitors. Would like to have the monitors receive interference from the amps somehow… Hung out with Fred, went by E.J.’s she’s still angry she can’t cut my hair. I have no problem with the bald look, but I resist her efforts and break my promises. Began to nearly vomit snot from nose etc. and had to go home, now sitting around updating my journal. Fun day, show tomorrow. No cigarettes today.

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